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150 Synonyms & Antonyms of DISCOUNT - Merriam-Webster

Synonyms for DISCOUNT: reduction, deduction, rebate, abatement, drop, depreciation, decline, giveback; Antonyms of DISCOUNT: addition, increase, gain, increment ...


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The term discount can be used to refer to many forms of reduction in the price of a good or service. The two most common types of discounts are discounts in which you get a percent off, or a fixed amount off. A percent off of a price typically refers to getting some percent, say 10%, off of the original price of the product or service.


Discount - definition of discount by The Free Dictionary

Define discount. discount synonyms, discount pronunciation, discount translation, English dictionary definition of discount. tr.v. dis·count·ed , dis·count·ing , dis·counts 1. a. To sell or offer for sale at a reduced price: discounting all merchandise.


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discount definition: 1. a reduction in the usual price: 2. to decide that something or someone is not worth considering…. Learn more.


Discount Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

discount: [noun] a reduction made from the gross (see 1gross 1b) amount or value of something: such as. a reduction made from a regular or list price. a proportionate deduction from a debt account usually made for cash or prompt payment. a deduction made for interest in advancing money upon or purchasing a bill or note not due.