Woojer Edge Trap Review: Level Up The Way You Feel The Beat

As a sound lover, we always have questions to ask before buying. If you are going to buy Woojer Edge Trap, this Woojer Edge Trap review is for you. Learn about this leveled-up audio equipment, which can hit you right in the feels and enjoy some woojer coupon.

Overview of Woojer specifications

Woojer Edge Trap has an Osci TRX52 haptic transducer with improved mechanicals and energy efficiency. The transducer frequency response is 1-200Hz. Other specifications include:

Texas Instruments built-in analog headphones amplifier.

Amplifier power: 105mW output into 16ohm headphones.

Analog output: 3.5mm stereo headphones out – Support TRRS (mic) headphones connector.

Bluetooth: 5.0 connectivity.

Power off: Auto power off.

Controls: Built-in independent headphones and sensation volume control.

It only takes three hours to charge the trap. Then you have up to 8-hour playtime, depending on usage and volume or sensation level. The trap is not heavy as you see in the images, it weighs only 240 grams.

A 3.5mm cable, USB-C connection, or Bluetooth connection can be used to connect the Woojer Edge series to any standard audio source. They're made for listening to music, playing games, exercising, and watching movies. The device is completely silent, but it vibrates in reaction to low-frequency tones, giving the sense of being next to a massive bass cabinet.

Woojer Edge Trap reviews


The trap easily slides and stretches to fit any size. You will have a sturdy feeling when wearing the trap. I appreciate that Woojer pays attention to every detail of the design. It also prints the instruction on how to use the trap on the bottom side of the leather, which is very useful for users.

After using the Woojer Edge Trap, you will forget about all the bland audio experiences before. Your audio experience comes to the next level with the Woojer edge trap and headphones. Woojer Edge lets you feel the sound, a sense of boasting progress of amplification at a new level.

Woojer Edge Trap is designed in a transportable form for a powerful, high-fidelity audio experience. So carry it with you wherever you go. The trap incredibly boosts your workout for muscle building, boosts your walk to work, and stimulates your play. When playing games, it’s thrilled to immerse yourself in every action. When you put the trap on, you would feel the games are so real. Every round of fire, explosion, and collision comes to life.

Woojer Price

Currently, the Woojer Edge Trap is sold at $177 on its website. However, you have ways to buy it at a lower price by using Woojer coupon codes. Woojer Edge Trap seems to be the cheapest product in the lines of Woojer’s audio devices. Compared to other lines on the market, the trap is not expensive at all. Besides, CouponsDoom surely brings you coupons to save at least 10% on every purchase at Woojer.

Woojer Packing and Shipping

The Woojer Edge Trap is carefully packed in an amazingly sturdy box, making sure that the quality stays the same during delivery. You would be impressed by the overall quality of the trap from inside to outside. The shipping is fast as well.  When receiving your package, remember to check the box. A full box must include strap edge, USB charging cable, 3.5 mm audio cable, carrying pouch, and user manual.


It is recommended that you connect the trap with high-quality headphones. It may take time to get used to bass sound when using the trap and headphones. If you need a device to enhance the enjoyment of the sound, the Woojer Edge Trap is what you are looking for. With high-quality materials and construction, excellent information, updated firmware, and functionality, the Woojer Edge Trap gives you a fun experience in feeling the beat. Don’t forget to use Woojer coupon codes to save money on your purchase.