Wildfire Safety Tips: How to Protect Your Home from Wildfire

In recent times, Bootleg – the most massive wildfire – is spreading in Oregon and US West. It resulted in the damage of 67 homes and 117 outbuildings. There’s no getting away from the fact that climate change has made the West far warmer and drier in the past 30 years, and will continue to cause weather more extreme and wildfires more frequent and destructive.

For this inevitable situation, it’s necessary to know how to protect your home when the Wildfire comes up. In this article, I will walk you through grounded tips to keep your home safe from wildfire. Let’s dive into it!

Prepare your House

Your doors, shutters and windows must be sealed from smoke and gas to withstand fire for as long as possible. So all you have to do now is replace your current doors and window with air purifiers, filters and sealing type. In addition, you should go for the thick and suitable wood that is insulating and resistant.

For the roof, it should be the tile roof as it’s fire-resistant. Avoid the roof with sheet metal or fiber cement. Besides, you should also clean your roof, deck, and gutter frequently, make sure that there’s no leaves, pine needles or other flammables left.

Watch the exposed beams on the facade and the wooden cladding which can carry the fire inside. Choose fire-retardant wood, sufficiently dense, and in thick boards: they will resist fire better. Also pay attention to facade cladding, some of which are combustible. Choose a classic, durable plaster. Do not install plastic gutters or downspouts along your house.

On top of that, you should keep embers out of your vents and eaves, prevent it from entering your home and burning it from the inside-out.

Take Care of Your Garden

Leave a space of about 3 meters between the trees and the walls of your home. The foliage should not overhang your roof. Be sure to prune your trees, especially those near your house or along driveways. You can order tree service that helps you to do it flawlessly, make use of tree service coupons to lower your payment.

You should be careful with the types of tree that you grow in your home as some types are prone to be flammable, such as pines, cypresses, mimosas, pyracanthas, laurels, bamboos, etc.

Besides, clean your garden frequently, rake the pine needles lest build up a carpet that feeds the flames. Make sure that your fence is not made of flammable material.

Plan for Emergency Responder Access

Make sure that your street names and numbers are clearly marked and legible to make firefighters able to find your home. Besides, Driveways should be wide and have enough vertical clearance to make it easy for fire apparatus and other first responder vehicles to access your home.

Creating a defensible space around your home will support firefighters to defend your home from wildfires. It’s worth noting that they are trained only to protect structures when it is safe to do so.

During a wildfire, if the firefighters can’t save your home, you need to find a defensible space which helps increase the chances that your home will survive. There is no guarantee for all things in life, but it always pays to be proactive and attempt for the best possible outcome.

Apply 3 foregoing tips to protect your home from wildfire. Furthermore, we can protect our environment as well as reduce CO2 emission which is the main cause of climate change. That goes a long way in lessening the annually savage wildfire and we thus live in a safe environment.