What You Need To Know When Buying Smartwatches

As technology evolves and grows, we should expect to see a shift in demand for timepieces. While some people prefer classic timepieces with a primary role of timekeeping, others want more from their accessories and are investing in smartwatches. Because smartwatches are still relatively new, folks who have never purchased one may believe that selecting the correct smartwatch is a hard undertaking.

Although smartwatches can perform similar activities such as GPS tracking and notification delivery to your wrist, they also differ in design and more particular features such as music playback and health tracking. If you are new to smartwatches and want to make sure you choose the proper one for your needs, here is a buying guide for smartwatches.

Device Compatibility

While most smartwatches were designed to be companions to your phone, the first thing you should look for when purchasing a smartwatch is compatibility with your phone. Those interested in purchasing an Apple Watch, for example, will only be able to link their phone if it is an iPhone. Certain smartwatches, such as the Fitbit Versa, also provide unique features for Android users, such as rapid answers to incoming text messages. If you're concerned about your phone's compatibility with a smartwatch, we have a number of companies whose smartwatches link to both Android and IOS users, including Garmin, Polar, Kronaby, and Fitbit.


Smartwatches exist in a range of shapes and sizes, and surprisingly, not all of them include a color display. We have smartwatches with Bluetooth and phone companion capabilities, such as Casio's Edifice Bluetooth Tough Solar Super Illuminator watch, which appears like a regular timekeeping watch on the exterior but contains functions like finding my phone and a perpetual calendar.

Finally, one of the first options you must make is whether you want a touchscreen with a color display or a watch that appears classic but offers so much more. One thing to keep in mind is that, while a touchscreen color display appears to be the best option, it tends to require more power than watches without this display.

Fitness Features

Not all smartwatches include fitness-specific functions, but if you already have a fitness routine or plan to start one in the near future, having a fitness wristwatch may be highly advantageous to your lifestyle. Fitness watches with music play capabilities, such as Polar's M600 Black Android Wear Smartwatch, can also include a heart-rate monitor and pedometer for people who wish to track their steps and health. Fitness smartwatches can monitor a variety of different activities, which will fit a variety of lifestyles, so this is absolutely a feature to consider before getting your first wristwatch.

Mobile Payments

If you're a quick shopper, you probably don't appreciate fiddling with your credit card or cash on the move. Smartwatches, like phones, can now make payments, and Apple Watches don't even need to be near or present to do so. Kronaby watches with this capability are available with a free coupon code. They provide a variety of watch styles and designs, as well as the option of adding a Contactless Payment Strap that let e-pay with a Barclay card.


The final advice on our list is, of course, your budget, which is totally up to you and your circumstances. There are several watch brands available, some with well-known names and others without, all of which provide smartwatches; nevertheless, the larger the budget of your watch, the more features and capabilities it will have.