What to wear with a flannel shirt: tips for men in 2022

The flannel shirt is an indispensable item in every guy's wardrobe. It is popular because of its beautiful design and simple pattern, easy to wear, and especially easy to mix with many different outfits to create distinctive fashion styles. If you want to change up a variety of styles with a flannel shirt, then learn more about the items listed below.

Flannel shirt with a T-shirt

One of the most common tips when mixing a flannel shirt is using a T-shirt. This combination simply requires a layer of T-shirt underneath and a layer of flannel outside. You can choose any color for them but normally white and black T-shirts are preferred because they are neutral colors and are easy to mix with any color of the flannel.

However, if your flannel has a dark tone then you should wear a white T-shirt underneath to create contrast in the color of the outfit and vice versa. In addition, blue or black jeans and chino pants will be a good choice for you when choosing suitable pants.

Flannel shirt with a hoodie or sweater

Another mix-and-match combo is a flannel shirt with a hoodie or sweater. However, for this combination, the flannel must be oversized since it is the outer layer instead of being an inner layer like the flannel and T-shirt combo.

The hoodie or sweater inside also needs to fit the body so that when wearing a flannel outside, you will not look too fat or bulky. Due to the youthful and dynamic vibe of this mix, you should choose complementary colors as well as a pair of jogger pants to increase flexibility and sportiness.

You can also wear a sweater outside your flannel shirt while exposing the collar and bottom of the inner flannel shirt to the outside of the sweater. This style helps you look more gentle while retaining the youthfulness of the hoodie and flannel mix.

Flannel shirt with a jacket

As for jackets, you should choose ones whose styles and designs match the patterns and aesthetics of the flannel inside. If you already have a favorite jacket and want to combine it with a flannel shirt, then you can easily find a flannel with the match color and design, especially if you use the latest flannel shirt coupon for further discount.

Flannel shirt with jeans

Wearing jeans with a flannel shirt is one of the popular tips to look cooler and fashionable for men. Blue and black jeans are great choices for any color of the flannel, regardless of loose, slim-fit, or skinny style.

Moreover, you can mix your flannel shirt with T-shirt, hoodies, sweater, or jacket smoothly with these jeans depending on your style as well as the weather. To increase the coolness and masculinity, you can consider wearing boots with jeans as well as other flannel mix-and-match combos.

Flannel shirt with shorts

This is the best flannel mix for the summer. When the weather gets hotter, choosing a pair of shorts with a short-sleeved flannel shirt and a pair of sneakers will keep you cooler and at the same time make you look stronger and sportier. You can also roll up the sleeves if you wear a long-sleeved one. Chino or cargo shorts will be some of the worth-considering suggestions for you.


The flannel shirt is a staple for any guy, no matter what style you wear. Besides flannel, buy yourself at least a few t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, jeans, and shorts to change your dressing style flexibly, and remember to save these tips for further use.