Video Doorbell Review: Top 3 Video Doorbell for 2021

If you are interested in smart homes, a video doorbell is right up your alley with its ultimate advantages. Based on consumer feedback, extensive external testing as well as our own product experience, we want to highlight 3 best Video Doorbells in 2021 that will really float your boat.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Ring is at the forefront of the video doorbell market, they provide us with many high-quality and stellar-designed video doorbell cameras. Among them, Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is the most sought-after product.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is a good pick for the  tall, wide field of view (15 0 degrees by 150 degrees of coverage) that captures everything at your door. That’s just the ticket for spotting packages and identifying visitors.

Besides, with a robust set of sensors, including radar, this video doorbell offers you not only spot-on alerts, but also the ability to reconstruct the route which visitors took to your door, useful for knowing who was coming with malice. It pretty much has wide motion detection, yet Ring suggests that you should limit its motion detection to only check for movement at up to 30 feet away.

Thanks to the integration with Amazon’s Alexa platform and Google Assistant, you can ask your Nest Hub or Echo Show 8 to provide you with footage from the Pro 2, or use your smartphone as electronic wireless chimes to alert you when someone presses the doorbell.

It’s simple to install and won’t take ages. Besides, you can sign up for Ring’s protected subscription service with $3 per month or $30 per year, thereby turning on Alexa Greetings for the Pro 2. Thus Alexa can answer your door if you can’t get it. For the device, it costs $249.99 with doorbell only and $289.99 with Chime pro. Use Ring coupons to lower your purchase.

Arlo Wired Video Doorbell

Arlo Wired Video Doorbell is a hands down Ring alternative. Currently marked down to $129.99, It’s an ultimate wired video doorbell that has earned raves for the sleek design, handy functions, and also being easy-to-install.

Not only provides sharp and clear video, but it also possesses a wide-angle lens that allows you  to see from the floor to the ceiling. Besides, this device can detect motion over 16 feet. There’s a motion detection test integrated in the Arlo app that allows you to find out the practical level to eliminate errant alerts.

Better yet, once a motion event is triggered, Arlo can identify myriad objects and label them. For example, if a car runs through the camera and it detects motion, the clip will be labeled as “vehicle” in the app. Or when a dog walks past the camera, it will be labeled “animal”.

Arlo’s Smart subscription plans include object identification and high-quality video storage, letting you set activity zones and get access to view 30 days of video history. The price ranges from $2.99 per month to $14.99 per month, yet you can enjoy a 90-day trial of Arlo Smart to test these features. Also apply Arlo promo codes at checkout to make a dent in your payment.

Nest Doorbell

Another video doorbell that’s worth your splurge this year is the Nest Doorbell. This doorbell boasts a handy field of view, tons of free alerts without Nest’s subscription required and solid integration with the rest of the Google ecosystem.

The focal point of this doorbell is the camera at the top. It offers a tall field of view that allows you to view more from the ground to the sky, and the footage is still sharp and vibrant, making it easy for you to identify objects, people and animals in the frame.

On top of that, the alert is free and it works well. It will let you know if someone was in the frame. The package detection also practically works to identify and let you know about the presence of vehicles, animals, human beings and more.

You can get this ultimate camera doorbell at Best Buy for $179.99. Best Buy coupons will save you up to 50% off, don’t miss out on them.

3 foregoing video doorbells are the best home security devices this year, own them now and use their promotion to save on your purchase.