Vamp Up Your Backyard This Summer with 7 Decorating Ideas

Summer is coming, and it’s time to refresh your backyard. If you're stuck on how to change up your backyard this season, our 7 recommended decorating ideas will turn it into a dream space. Apply the one that suits you most.

Make a Birdhouse

A birdhouse never gets old. It will give your backyard a sleek look. You can even make it on your own. Make use of old-school plates to create a new tin roof.

Besides, take your birdhouse up a notch by adding a faux bird. We suggest faux birds from Metal Bird USA. They are beautifully crafted and turn your backyard into a work of art. Get them now, and use a Metal Bird USA discount code at checkout to lower your payment.

Add a Firepit

A firepit is the mainstay of the backyard. It’s ideal to gather friends or family around a fire pit and talk together. It's simple to establish a sitting area around a portable fire pit because there are so many types available at cheap prices. Simply avoid placing it near structures, beneath a roof, or on top of a wooden deck. Besides, you can also make your DIY fire pit.

Decorate With Lighting

Outdoor lighting, of the correct kind and arranged to highlight portions of the yard that see activity in the evening, will entice you and your guests outside for as long as you like. If you add citronella candles to the mix, you can kill two birds with one stone. With the potential to both repel insects and provide a relaxing atmosphere? It can't hurt!

Create Shade

An umbrella, to be sure, provides much-needed shade. However, seeing one conjures up memories of a relaxing holiday at a resort, on a sandy beach, or by a pool. Its spherical shape, projected above other pieces of outdoor furniture, appears fun and welcoming, enticing you to sit under its colorful (or patterned or striped) form and relax, perhaps sipping a cocktail or icy beverage.

Not only an umbrella, but you can also use awnings, gazebos or pergolas, vines growing over arbors, and leafy trees to create shade.

Hang Flower Pots

If you want a colorful, lush backyard, search for opportunities to grow flowers in unexpected places, such as your porch ceiling or fence. You can easily hang pots of vibrant flowers to a fence using S hooks to offer that extra splash of color if you don't want to install any hardware or make any holes in the wall or ceiling.

Choose an Inexpensive Paving Material

If you're looking for affordable backyard ideas without grass, check out all of your hardscaping options, including less-priced crushed rock and gravel.  For outdoor seating nooks and dining spaces, gravel provides a more relaxed surface underfoot. If you must use typical pavers, consider unorthodox placement—for example, huge stones alternating with large expanses of grass—to reduce the total amount of material required.

Add Some Color

Getting a beautiful color palette for your backyard might make all the difference. Choose your favorite hue or light and calming palette for home décor. That will make you want to stick to your yard all day, all night. Never go for something too harsh or dominating.


With these 7 decorating ideas, you will practically jazz up your backyard to invite the summer. Choose one idea that best suits you and apply it to your yard now. Don’t forget to make use of the latest Metalbird USA coupon codes if you’re about to get a birdhouse.