Types Of Shoes Every Well-dressed Men Should Own In 2022

There is a reason why most outfit guides start from the footwear. After all, shoes can make or break your outfit in a matter of seconds. If you want to appear fashionable, you need to have the appropriate shoes that elevate your outfit's style. Fortunately, you don’t need an enormous collection to ensure a nice look for any event. We compiled a list of the most important shoes that every man should own in 2022.


Nowadays, sneakers are popular among men of every age. Whether you are a teen or middle-aged man, a pair of attractive but comfy running sneakers should always be in your wardrobe. These shoes are a must for jogging days and are ideal for a more casual style. For example, mixing a nice pair of trainers with joggers, a bomber jacket, and a ball cap to create a trendy athleisure outfit. Though it is a pain to keep white sneakers clean, a fresh pair of low-top trainers with a blazer can help you dress up and create a modern sophisticated look.


A nice pair of black Oxfords should be included in every men’s collection. The low heel and closed lacing mechanism distinguish Oxfords from other shoes. It gives off a unique yet sophisticated look, which pairs well with a dark tailored . If you already have a good pair of black Oxfords for more formal occasions, you can experiment with the same shoe but in tan color for more informal settings.


Loafers are a staple of smart casual attire and a favorite summer shoe style thanks to its low silhouette and lace-free design. This set of shoes can be worn in an office environment with a suit and tie, or worn with jeans for a casual walk downtown. Brown color schemes are suggested for both casual and formal occasions. Navy is also a great color to pair with whites, beige, and greens. If you're looking for a pair of loafers to go with neutrals, beige is a good choice because it enhances tanned skin.


Derbies are a classic style that works well in both formal and casual settings. The basic construction, like all the best designs, originates from usefulness, with early Derby shoes designed for country walks and lending a similar air of nonchalance to formal style today. Rubber soles are perhaps my favorite style. They're the ideal choice for damp weather, ensuring you not only look amazing but also avoid slipping on slick floors.

Leather Boots

The beauty of a leather boot is that it begins to tell a tale with repeated use. Every man's winter wardrobe should include a pair of leather lace-up boots. For a more informal, edgier look, choose an ankle-high black or dark brown boot and cuff your pants. For a more conventional style, slip your trousers over the top of the boots. If you buy a good pair, they will last you for years.

Chukka boots are simple in style and may be worn in a variety of settings, from ultra-casual to sophisticated and formal. Take a quick inventory of your wardrobe requirements before picking which chukka to purchase. A more formal, sleek chukka is your best pick if you work in a business-casual workplace.

The Chelsea boot is a great example of how casual may be combined with business. They're a great way to update your look by falling in between boots and dress shoes. Leather Chelsea boots are appropriate for formal situations, pointed Chelsea boots are appropriate for Friday night drinks, and suede is appropriate for casual occasions (most popular and highly versatile).