Turkey Hill Experience Review 2022 - Paradise For Ice Cream Aficionados

Turkey Hill Experience is the most alluring place for ice cream lovers. Upon arrival there, you will explore, learn and also enjoy ice cream, iced tea production, and more than that. Read on our in-depth review before you visit to have the best experience there, including using Turkey Hill Experience coupons to save on your trip.

Turkey Hill Experience Overview

Turkey Hill Experience is located in Columbia, Pennsylvania, in Lancaster county. This is a place where you will have a closer look at what it's like to be a Turkey Hill Dairy ice cream maker for a day, from delivery to freezing the ice cream mix and filling the cartons. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to create your ice cream flavor. In addition to ice cream, you can also learn how to make other beverages such as ice tea, lemonade, and more. There are free samples for you to try before you make your ice cream or beverage, they are unlimited.

Besides, you can potter around to see all of their fun displays and take some nice pictures to revamp your Instagram. There’s also a pretend freezer and movies to watch. Don’t forget to check the map on the first floor so as not to miss out on any funny things.

Turkey Hill Taste Lab

Turkey Hill Taste Lab gives you the chance to make your own Turkey Hill ice cream flavor. This is an ideal additional activity to the basic experience. The lab time is about 35 minutes long, you can easily enjoy a good hour exploring the upstairs experience and samples before getting to the lab.

At the lab, you have to wash your hands first, then have a seat at long counters on stools to start your lab experience. There’s a lab technician who takes you through the steps to make create your very own ice cream flavor. They are very friendly and patient, giving you great advice to get success with ice-cream making.

There, you are not allowed to make a video, yet you can take photos. You will get a very generous portion of ice cream, so consider your lunch afterward. In case you or your loved ones are allergic to nuts or some specific food, consider when coming to this place as it’s not allergy-friendly.

Turkey Hill Tea Discovery

For fans of tea, Turkey Hill Tea Discovery is a place you wish to get sooner. You will have an opportunity to learn about different types of tea leaves with their origination. You can also taste them.

They have tea experts who take you through the ins and out of tea, and also the suitable way to make it. You can test the sample first to find out your favorite taste, then learn the way to make it.

Turkey Hill Price

The ticket prices are not fixed. Currently, it started from $10.5, depending on the type of ticket. Turkey Hill Experience offers a group discount for a group of 20 pax or more. You should book a ticket online to save time on check-in. When booking online, you can make use of Turkey Hill Experience coupons to save a fair bit on your payment. You can also stay updated with their latest offers and promotions on Turkey Hill Experience’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Bottom Lines

Turkey Hill Experience is a sheer paradise for folks who are interested in Ice Cream. Not only enjoy ice creams with unique tastes, but you will explore the way to make it, then create your own preferred ice cream flavor. Book the online ticket now, and use Turkey Hill Experience coupons to lower your payment.