Treat Your Fur Babies with These 3 Reliable Online Pet Shops

Your canine or feline companion is worth the best treatment, so get them the best. In this blog, we pinpoint 3 reliable online pet shops that provide high-quality pet foods, supplies, and services. We also include their savings and offers, such as a Freshpet coupon to save a fair bit on your purchase.


Chewy is one of the reliable online pet shops for any kind of pet you have, from dog, cats to even farm animals. The store has a large selection of dog food and supplies to meet your every need, as well as a few items you didn't realize you needed. Moreover, Chewy has a lot of unique options, like grain-free, organic, and allergy-friendly pet food.

What thrills the savvy shoppers is that the store has many great offers. On orders above $49, the store offers free 1- to 2-day shipping. Besides, If you're ready to try Chewy for your next pet food order or if you've found the perfect new toy for your fur friends, you will scoop up a 30% off, along with free shipping.

The store also offers an auto-ship feature. After you've found your pet's favorite brand, you can set it up to automatically ship. You'll never run out of food again, plus you'll save money because most brands provide a discount when you choose the auto-ship option.

There are also many incredible services available at the store. For example, the online pet pharmacy. It allows you to order a specific prescription medication for your babies. Simply add the item to your cart and enter your veterinarian's information. Chewy will contact your veterinarian to confirm the prescription before shipping your package. It is simple to use and saves time. Don’t forget to apply a Chewy promo code at check out to lower your total payment.


Speaking of quality pet foods, Freshpet is unrivaled. Since 2006, the store has provided fresh meals that’s specially designed for pets. Their pet foods meet the minimum AAFCO requirements, suffice it to say they’re reliable. Their fresh foods are also GAP certified.

When you handle Freshpet, you can feel the freshness because bits of vegetables are visible throughout. Comparing Freshpet to traditional dry pet foods, you’ll see that it's free of preservatives, meat meals, and a slew of other problematic components found in most dry foods, making it a high-quality foot for your fur babies.

Freshpet dog food prices vary significantly depending on the type of food you purchase. Purchasing dog food in rolls is the most cost-effective alternative. Freshpet should cost roughly $12-13 for a 6-pound roll. You should feed a 50-pound dog about 1 pound of dog food every day. This equates to about $2.17 each day. For their quality, that’s a bang for your buck. You can also use a Freshpet coupon to save on your purchase.


Petco is also a well-known online pet retailer, providing you with a wide range of products. You'll find everything here, from specialty foods from tiny suppliers to budget kibble from one of the bigger names. Their products earn raves for quality and affordable price.

While Petco has a large selection of pet foods, you can also order a variety of supplies, from collars and leashes to training tools and treats. It also includes an online pharmacy, making your pet's medications easier than ever. Head over to the store now and snag yours to treat your babies. Use Petco promo codes to put a huge dent in your payment.


With these 3 online pet stores, your furry best friends will live a better, healthier, and more treat-filled life. Amongst them, Freshpet is the most ideal place to get them healthy food. Head over to the store now, and use a Freshpet coupon to save on your purchase.