Top 5 Von Dutch Hats To Grace Your Look in 2022

Von Dutch hats are the core product of this well-known fashion brand. They offer you an ultra-stylish look in a way you’ve never known before. Their versatile design allows you to wear them in any weather or occasion. On top of that, their materials are high-quality and durable, letting you use them for over years.

In this article, we highlight the top 5 hats from Von Dutch. They’ve won the heart of many choosy users. Besides, a Von Dutch discount code will save you a fair bit of money. Check them out in this blog.

Red Rambo Camo Trucker

Truckers are the mainstay of Von Dutch hats, and this Red Rambo Camo one will actually float your boat. It will make it hard for you to walk away by the unique design of the upside-down black/red logo patch on the front. In addition, the black/red cap and the curved bill make this Von Dutch trucker fab-worn.

With the adjustable snapback panel, you will feel comfortable when wearing this hat. Get this Von Dutch Red Rambo Camo trucker now for only $89.00.

Black “Flying Eyeball” Rainbow Stone Beanie

Beanie is one of the staples of any wardrobe. Given that, Von Dutch provides you with superb beanies to layer your look. And this Black “Flying Eyeball” Rainbow Stone beanie has had the world falling in love with its unique design.

This Von Dutch beanie is made of 100% acrylic, keeping your head toasty all day. Plus, it’s easy-to-care, and especially dye-fast – not bleeding onto other clothing in the wash. The star of this beanie is the colored rhinestone Flying Eyeball on the cuff, offering you a gorgeous look while wearing it.

Currently retailed at $69.00, it’s well worth it for an eye-catching beanie. Add Black “Flying Eyeball” Rainbow Stone Beanie to your wardrobe now for a better look.

All Over Print Bucket Hat

This Von Dutch bucket hat not only gives you style but also protects you from any weather condition. It will keep you warm in the cold, cool in the hot weather. And especially, it will protect your skin from the effect of the sun.

It comes in two colors – black and white. No matter what color you go for, you will look cool with its wider brim. And what makes this hat really outstanding is the all over print entangled. Snag this ultra-hip bucket hat now for only $89.00.

Glitter Trucker

If you lean toward glitter styles, this Von Dutch trucker hat is right for you. There are 3 colors available – green, navy, and black/yellow. Besides, the iconic logo patch in the front and white breathable mesh rear jazz up make this trucker hat compelling. Scoop up this shining trucker for $89.00.

Navy Stone Denim Trucker

Denim hats never get old, especially this denim hat from Von Dutch. It boasts the typical Von Dutch trucker hat design: Von Dutch rhinestone logo in the front, curved bill and adjustable snapback panel. But the authentic and high-quality denim makes it pretty much gain a huge following. Own fashionable Von Dutch Navy Stone Denim Trucker now for $89.00

Saving Tips

For what Von Dutch hats bring to you, they’re worth the price they require. Yet you can lower your purchase with these saving tips.

Once you have an order over $125.00, you’re eligible for Von Dutch free shipping. It’s a great deal as the shipping fee is a deal breaker for online shoppers. The typical price of a Von Dutch hat is $89.00. So you can get 2 or 3 pieces of them to refresh your look frequently, and also enjoy shipping at no cost. Or you can invite your friend to have a common order with you to save on shipping fee.

In addition, you can sign up for Von Dutch newsletters. That way, you can always be in the know of Von Dutch new arrivals and latest deals to get their items at a fraction of the cost. Simply go to their homepage, scroll down to the footer, apply your email account to the box to register.

You can also use a Von Dutch discount code to make a dent in your payment. When you go to the checkout step, simply apply the discount code at the box to redeem for savings. You can save up to 70% off with their discount codes.


Von Dutch is a well-known fashion brand. Amongst their fashionable products, hats are the most high-rated one. These 5 foregoing Von Dutch hats will dramatically elevate your look. Give them a spin and apply their saving tips to save on your purchase.

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