Top Tips To Enhance Your Netflix's Experience

Scrolling through a seemingly endless carousel of Netflix episodes and movies, trying to pick the one thing we'd want to sit down and watch. Except that we frequently spend more time seeking for something to watch than we do actually viewing the item.

But have no fear! You can improve your Netflix viewing experience as well, both in terms of finding something to watch and in terms of how you watch it. Here's how to do it.

Get new features first

Netflix is always releasing new features, and you can get them before the rest of the world by altering one easy configuration. Go to your Account menu and choose Test Participation from the drop-down menu. Toggle this to 'On' to gain access to Netflix's beta features before they're accessible to the rest of the world. The majority of the modifications are minor, but virtually all are intended to improve and simplify your watching experience, so it's definitely worth participating.

Discover plugins

If you're viewing Netflix on your computer, you may enhance your experience by using browser plugins. For example, there are plugins in the Google Chrome Web Store that can increase playing speed, modify contrast, or import custom subtitles.

If you're more social, the Netflix Party plugin allows you to have watch parties with your pals, complete with synchronised playback and group chat, which is especially useful if you're a social watcher who doesn't live near your friends. Some plugins allow you to add Rotten Tomatoes review ratings next to each title on Netflix if you want to get second opinions on your choices.

Save money on streaming shows to mobile

One of the best aspects about Netflix is that it is available on smartphones and tablets, allowing you to watch episodes while on the go. Viewing TV and movies, on the other hand, may take up a lot of data, especially if you're watching in high definition, which most new mobile devices enable. So go to Account and change your Playback Settings to save money. This will allow you to stream at a lesser resolution to save bandwidth, or to increase the quality when you're on a strong Wi-Fi network. You can also use these Netflix discount codes to save on your subscription. 

Improve buffering

Consider yourself lucky if you've never seen the dreaded, dangling 25% meter of endless Netflix buffering, or the pixelly judder and halt just as things are getting nice. There are a few workarounds, such as watching items at off-peak hours or accessing Netflix's secret stream options, which allow you to manually alter your buffering - albeit you may have to compromise some visual quality to reach a quicker pace.

When watching a movie or show on your PC, press Ctrl + Alt + S to do so. You may then lower the Video Bitrate manually.

Split your profile personalities

Multiple profiles are one of the nicest things Netflix has offered in recent years. Even if you don't allow anybody else to use your account, creating various accounts to classify the episodes and movies you watch may be beneficial.

One profile for horror, another for documentaries, another for humor, and yet another for reality programs. As a result, each time you visit a dedicated profile, you may get more recommendations tailored to your current mood rather than ideas that take into account your whole spectrum of interests.

Final thought

Streaming TV shows and movies over the internet is the best way to watch TV, and Netflix is the best streaming entertainment provider, period. It offers a wider range of recognizable network programming as well as more original series, features, documentaries, and specials than any of its competitors. If you are a Netflix regular, these helpful hints can help you get the most out of this movie streaming service.