Top 4 Spongellé Products That Elevate Your Body Washing

Spongellé is a cruelty-free and vegan body care line that has been dermatologist-tested and approved. They are well-known for their high-quality 2-in-1 body wash and buffers. Besides, their other product lines such as body lotion, hand sanitizer, hand cream, etc also earn raves for quality.

In this blog, we highlight top 5 items from Spongellé that take your body washing up a notch. You should make use of them to get more attractive and healthy skin. Besides, you can get them at a fraction of the cost by a Spongellé coupon code.

Heart on a String Sponge

The Heart on a String Sponge is an adorable product from Spongellé with a heart-shaped sponge scented with roses. They also elevate the rose with orange and tangerine notes and are warmed by vanilla and musk scents. Once you unbox, your heart is immediately melted with its fragrance. It’s not exaggerating to say that you don't even need perfume when using this rose sponge.

One of the features that make this sponge a good snag is the exfoliating side. It will leave your skin an ultra-soft and smooth feel. On top of that, it practically works to remove the dry dead skin without scratching the bumps. One bonus point of this sponge is that it doesn’t leave the dead skin on its surface, keeping you from nasty dried skin the next time you use it.

Currently retailing at $20.00, it’s well worth it now for a fragrant and well texture sponge. Snag this ultimate sponge now while it’s on stock.

Black Orchid Body Buffer

Another Spongellé ultimate body care product is Black Orchid Buffer. This product has an earthy scent combined with light florals, offering a dreamy smell. The box is adorable, and it has a snap with straps to help you carry it in the shower.

The soft exfoliation the sponge provides has been great to keep keratosis pilaris or the red bumps at bay. It easily removes old, dead skin. Using these sponges also helps your skin absorb moisturizers and lotions. To get better use, make sure to wring them dry after you’re done.

This Spongellé product costs $16.00. But it’s now on sale – only $14.00. Stock up on this splendid buffer while the sale lasts.

Hand Defense Sanitizer

When you don't have access to water, Hand Defense Sanitizer is a great way to stay clean. It contains 70% alcohol, effectively working to combat germs. The scent of Sea Salt Rose is pleasant and not overpowering. It mostly smells clean and fresh.

Reviewers like how the pump bottle delivers a precise amount of sanitizer with each pump. That way, you can make the most of the 90+ uses included in each bottle. Another benefit of this hand sanitizer is that it practically hydrates and protects your skin. You’re prone to get a bit sticky on the first use, then make sure to rub it in well.

It’s now at only $5.00, down from $12.00. That’s a steal price for a top-notch sanitizer. Scoop it up now before it’s gone.

Pedi Buffer in Beach Grass

The beach grass scent of this Spongellé Pedi buffer is hands down impressive, making you feel like you are at a spa. The Pedi-buffer is a cleanser-infused sponge with a texturized buffer for at-home polishing of your tootsies. It helps to take off your dry dead skin in the blink of an eye, leaving you a super-smooth feel.

It’s now only $18.00. With what you experience with it, it’s a bang for your buck. Scoop it up now.


With these 4 foregoing Spongellé products, you will have better body care. They all provide great smell and marvelous texture, giving you a great experience. Get them now, and apply a Spongellé coupon code at the checkout to lower your payment.