Top Free Online Courses You Don't Want To Miss During Lockdown

Learning online is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience, and sometimes, it is free! If you feel bored in the house during the lockdown period, don’t hesitate to enroll in these interesting free online courses to gain more knowledge and make social distancing easier.

Digital Marketing Course By Google

The first course we want you to know about is a Digital Marketing course. Because it was created by none other than Google, you can understand the high quality of this Digital Marketing course. This application guides you through the journey through videos, quizzes, practical examples, and a variety of other interactive elements. The best thing is that if you complete this course and pass an online exam, you will receive a Google certificate.

So, when enrolling in Google's Digital Marketing course, you will be taught the below skills:

How to select the most appropriate digital channels for your company.

Video marketing strategies.

Success in social media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) planning that works.

Workflow for Google Ads in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

How to start and expand your e-commerce business.

What is the best way to convert content into leads or sales?

Understanding data analysis to improve performance.

The fact that Google Digital Unlocked is absolutely free is intriguing. The video learning experience with Google trainers, in our opinion, is well worth it. Therefore, if you're interested in digital marketing, this is a great chance.

Content Creating Course

Do you have digital skills and want to improve your confidence in using technology in the workplace? The University of Leeds has created an online course called How to Create Great Online Material, which will teach you how to understand what makes online content successful and how to develop engaging content.

In this course, Meg Pickard, a digital content expert, will walk you through the process of exploring and developing your own content. You'll discover the importance of presenting the right message to the right audience, as well as how to create content that emphasizes tone, style, and structure.

Industry experts will explain how they implement content strategies and create content for a range of platforms, all hoping to assist you in launching a successful career today. The content creation course is available if your student or someone else wishes to boost their employment prospects.

Online Cooking School

The final course we want to introduce to you today is an Online Cooking School. MilkStreet online culinary school has rustled up a range of free online courses, jam-packed full of important kitchen skills that you can progress during lockdown, ranging from the Art of Kitchen Improv to Some Like it Hot. You'll learn new ways to make hearty, fulfilling meals, as well as how to use herbs and spices to improve your home cooking. 

This course will help you to improve your culinary talents at your own speed in the comfort of your own kitchen with guided, concise instruction. Detailed video instructions and step-by-step photography guide you through the recipes, supplies, and equipment needed to prepare delicious meals. With online exams and cookery challenges, MilkStreet school allows you to put what you've learned into practice.

Above are our 3 suggestions for you to enhance your skills while working from home during social distancing to make this period more interesting. If you want to find out more ways to boost your productivity during this time, click here to find out.