Top 5 Spring Decor Trends of 2022 to Freshen Up Your Home

It's time of the year to look for spring décor trends. With home experts’ recommendations, we’ve curated 5 on-trend spring décor ideas. They will transfer your home into dream heaven this spring.

Curve Appeal

Top 2022 spring décor trend calls for rounded furniture. They include curved backs on chairs, sloping arms on couches, rounded waterfall corners on desks and consoles, drum tables as well as ottomans, and curved accent pieces. Curves and arches will add a stylish and elegant feature to any home style.

In case you are new to this design, try a curve velvet sofa. It will dramatically level up your guest room. Or add some round ottomans or curved marble figurines to highlight this trending décor in your space.


Greenery décor never get old, yet Spring is the most ideal season for this type of design. When it’s still chilly this season, a little bit of greenery addition will offer the warmth and comfort to your space.

Majesty Palm is a solid choice for this design. It boasts a classic look and creates elegance for any space indoors and out. Fill empty corners in your home with this plant or group many together to create a living screen or room divider. Then you can feel the instant beauty of any place you put it.

Luxury – in Small Doses

2022 spring decor trends have seen a shift on some of the least-expected spots in the home such as luxury laundry rooms, closets, kids’ bedrooms, and basements–even garages. Elevating often-overlooked areas of the home, such as the powder room, home office, and foyer, will be popular this spring.

You can add luxury touches to your home via these details: wallpaper, luxurious throws, picture lights, or scented soaps on the next side of the kitchen. Plus, marbles will effectively highlight this trend.

Creative Cabinetry

Refreshing your bathroom will pack quite a punch in the entire home reinvigoration. Reorganizing your bathroom with new pieces will practically vamp up this space this spring. One of the ideal items to replace is a new cabinet. You should go for one with a vertical paneled door detail or a flat panel style. Besides, you can jazz up your bathroom with some unique and eye-catching hardware.

Color, Texture, and Warmth

It may be sad to say that white kitchen is dated, no matter it was a boon to calm our pandemic-rattled brains a few years ago. This spring is all about adding organic warmth to our ambiance. Make use of metal hardware and plumbing fixtures to create depth while also implying warmth to your kitchen this season. Besides, a ton of color and warm wood tones are tickets for a lived-in look to your home.

Where to Buy New Furniture?

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Bottom Lines

As home provides us a safe haven to rest and retreat, they are worth our investment. And there’s no better time than spring season to give your home a fresh look that melts the heart of any guest coming to it. These 5 foregoing spring home décors will practically revamp your home this season. Apply one idea that fits your home and use a Perigord promo code to snag new furniture at a fraction of the cost.