Top 5 Fall Pillow Covers to Refresh Your Space this Autumn

A new pillow will give your space cozy vibes, creating a warm welcome to visitors when you decorate your porch with it. Instead of a whole new pillow, you just need a gorgeous pillow cover to revamp your space this autumn. In this article, I will highlight 5 best pillow and cushion covers for this fall.

Stacked Pumpkin Pillow Cover

Pumpkin is the quintessential symbol of autumn, so this pillow cover with pumpkin accent will offer spot-on autumnal vibes to your armchair, loveseat or bench. With the muted hues, whimsical illustration and crisp and white backdrop, this cover will be ideally suited with trendy gray interiors, cozy cottage homes and modern farmhouse living rooms.

This Living With Manda product is $32 at Etsy, it’s a reasonable price for a gorgeous cover. Apply Etsy promo codes at check-out to put a huge dent in your payment, up to 90% off.

October Pillow Cover

This cover is suited for this season as October is the peak time of autumn. Place this pillow on an accent chair or on your guest bed to give a bold, romantic gesture to the brisk breeze, pumpkins and fall leaves that lie ahead. Thanks to its cotton-linen fabric in a soft, natural hue, this cover is well suited to both bold and neutral accents. You can wash it by machine or hand, never iron it.

This Hickory Point Farm product is sold at $24 at Etsy, and this is well worth it for the charming feature and high-quality material.

Corduroy Pillow Cover

This Home Brilliant pillow cover pretty much has a cult following thanks to its variety of vibrant shades and subtle striped pattern that make an incredible blend of color and texture . The soft corduroy material brings a comfortable feeling that helps to ease any pent up stress.

With its properties, this Corduroy Pillow Cover is an ultimate fall pillow cover. Own it now from $12, use Home Brilliant coupons to save up to 50% off on your purchase.

Fall Flannel Pillow Cover

It is a stunning design from Twelve9 Printing that will give oh-so-cozy vibes. Made by hand and boasts brilliant shades of red, emerald and blue, this cover will pair well with neutral surroundings, and also make it easy for you to transition your interiors from autumn to winter.

Set a tone for fall with this flannel-inspired pillow cover from $25. It’s worth noting that Twelve9 Printing’s got you covered with free shipping of order over $75, add more well-designed items to enjoy this special offer.

Velvet Cushion Cover

Velvet is the most warm and comfy fabrics, then it’s a sheer fit for the fall. Its plush material offers a luxurious feeling . It’s also durable, you can wash it by machine without spoiling your cover. Come in 15 stunning colors and four size options, this cover makes it easy for you to mix and match with the existing decor around your home.

You can own this luxurious cushion cover for only $8 at Amazon. Don’t forget Amazon discount codes to save a fair bit on your total purchase.

Five foregoing fall pillow covers dramatically lift your ambiance this autumn. Give them a spin now and use their promotions to never buy at full price.