Top 5 Effective Tips You Must Know To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is such a nightmare! The main reasons for severe hair loss could be genes, stress, illness, lack of protein, hormone changing, over-hairstyling, etc. So how to get rid of it? Check out some simple ways to prevent hair loss in this article!

Minimize The Heat

It is clear that high temperatures can weaken your hair till it falls out. Specifically, when you use heat regularly, your hair could turn brittle and cause hair loss. Therefore, we highly recommend that you avoid using the flat iron and curling iron as much as possible.

Whenever using a hairdryer, it would be best if you chose the coolest setting and skip the sauna if your hair is thin. If you need a high temperature to make your hair dry faster, keep your hair dryer at least 8 inches away from your hair and move it constantly to distribute the heat.

Avoid Combing Wet Hair

When your hair is damp, it is in the weakest condition. Professor hairstylist advises you should avoid brushing wet hair and, if you have to, use a wide-toothed comb to minimize hair loss. 

Besides, even when your hair is dry, try not to brush it too much since it can hurt hair and promote loss. You should use your fingers to tangle and avoid blowing your wet hair.

Reduce Hair Dyes And Color Treatments

Hair dye products will put a lot of stress and damage on your hair and scalp since they contain some whacky ingredients, and you can hardly know how your hair will react to them. Allergies with hair dye products could cause massive hair loss, and the situation could be so much worse if you bleach your hair!

Even if you have a professional stylist taking care of your dyed hair, frequent hair coloring chemicals still cause severe damage that lasts long, and treatments are just contemporary. In the worst situation, you will be advised to cut your hair and nourish it from the beginning.

Have A Healthy And Balanced Diet

Lack of protein or excess of Vitamin A could also cause hair fall! If you do not consume the nutrients you need, your hair would be in poor condition. There are millions of minerals and nutrients that can keep your hair strong and shining, yet the most popular offenders for hair loss are lack of protein, iron, zinc, and biotin in your daily diet.

Biotin is very popular when mentioning hair care supplements since your body couldn't process the extra biotin for additional hair growth. However, if your hair loss is genetic, improving your daily diet may not entirely enhance your hair condition. Yet, it is still worth trying since it could help you have stronger hair and body without any side effects.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep could cause faster falling out of your hair. If you don't sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night, it can cause many diseases, including hair loss. Even though the relation between hair loss and not getting enough sleep hasn't been clearly proven yet, it seems like not getting enough sleep causes stress on your body and leads to hair loss.

In order to bring the best quality of sleep, keep your sleeping schedule constant by aiming to go to bed and get up at the same time every day!

These are some simple ways that everyone can do to prevent hair loss. Besides, you also need to consider some special treatment products such as shampoo, conditioner, and serum for thinning hair. If your hair is badly damaged, you should go to the spa as soon as possible. We hope you will have thick, strong hair as you wish!