Top 5 Discs to Elevate Your Disc Golf Playing Experience in 2022

Nothing better than playing disc golf on the weekends. And it’s even better to have some top-notch discs to throw. In this blog, we highlight top 5 disc golf discs that gain a huge following thanks to their great quality and style.

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set

Dynamic is at the forefront of the disc market. And amongst their products, this Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set is right up your alley.

This set boasts everything that beginners need: a putter, a midrange disc, and a distance driver. It comes in 3 different sizes: a three-piece, four-piece, or five-piece set, the larger sets feature a high-speed driver and a fairway. What you will love from this disc set is that it’s easy to transport, letting you bring it anywhere like a park, beach, etc…

The price of this set is affordable, from $24.99, and it’s eligible for Dynamic Discs free shipping. Besides, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee, you can return it for a full refund if it's not up to par. Use a Dynamic Discs coupon code to make a huge dent in your payment, up to 80% off.

Innova Valkyrie

Along with Dynamic, Innova is also well-known in the disc golf world. And the Valkyrie range from Innova will take your disc golf-playing up a notch.

Innova Valkyrie (also called The Valk) is designed for any player, from beginners to advanced players. This disc has an ultra-sleek design and a great grip with the Innova DX plastic. It provides a well-balanced feel, making it the best choice for any golf disc player. And with the low speed, high glide, and high turn, even the newest players can get a great distance. Besides, its ability to be wind resistant is incredible.

You can get this splendid disc for only $6.00. Use an Innova Discs promo code to save on your purchase.

Westside Discs Harp

For putter players, this Westside Discs Harp is a solid choice. It’s sturdy and  has the designation of a “mid-range putter.” If you're going to approach it, keep in mind that it's a straight-to-stable disc that flies extremely quickly and in sync with the straight line in front of you (or whatever line you choose to throw). In most weather circumstances, including wind and rain, the Harp will hold the line. 

Get this disc from Infinite Discs from $8.99. You can lower your total payment with an Infinite Discs discount code.

MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Distance Driver

MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Distance Driver is designed to travel anywhere you want to put it. It boasts a distance version of the MVP Volt fairway driver, letting disc golfers throw from far away with true precision.

Besides, its design leans towards "consistent fading," minimum twisting, stability, and a little more distance at the finish. This MVP disc is ideally suited for golfers preferring sidearm or backhand throws. The PDGA has certified this driver for usage, and it comes in a white Neutron plastic design that stands out in the undergrowth. Snag it now for $18.97 at Sweetspot Disc Golf, and use a Sweetspot Disc Golf coupon to lower your payment.

Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set

Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set is hands down affordable, making it an ideal gift for your kids.  This set includes a collapsible target basket with mesh netting and an umbrella-style catch area, as well as three discs.

The green basket is easy to find and a lot of fun to practice with. This target set may also be easily packed and transported for travel and vacations. As a fun way to play disc golf anyplace, bring it to barbeque cookouts, the beach, or even tailgates. Because the target is much simpler to shift than a professional-grade target basket, you may be more creative and push yourself when training. Get this set now for $59.99, and make use of Franklin promotions to save a fair bit on your purchase

Give one of the 5 foregoing discs a spin to put your disc golf over the top. Also, use their coupons to save on your purchase.