Top 5 Different Types of Beer


There are so many distinct types of beer to taste and lots of breweries producing interesting takes on each style. Check out 5 different types of beer to get more comfortable and knowledgeable about one of the oldest drinks in history via today's blog.

Brown Ale

An English-style ale is referred to as a brown or nut brown ale if it tastes very sweet and nutty. They typically have a medium alcohol concentration and a harsh hop flavor. These are great beers to pair with a variety of rich, sweet dishes, such as sticky ribs and decadent desserts.

Due to the various malts used and the country of origin, brown ales are a bit of a mixed bag. Traditional British brown ales from the Brown Ale genre are typically sweet and have a low alcohol percentage. It also comes in Americanized varieties with medium to high bitterness and low to moderate hoppiness.

Pale Ale

Pale ales, which are mostly made with pale malt, have lighter golden to golden-amber hues. Pale ales typically include malt characteristics, a good balance of bitterness and sweetness, and a hop-forward flavor profile. While typically hoppy, pale ales are less alcoholic than IPAs.

Pale ales are a type of English beer distinguished by their copper color and fruity aroma. American-style pale ales tend to be more bitter and can have citrus notes. Belgian-style pale ales can be peppery but are sweeter and less hopped than the other two. What then do all pale ales share? They pair well with many different cuisines and have a gorgeous balance.

Stout Beer

Stout beers have a dark flavor and color, and they have a robust, bitter flavor profile with a lot of malt and hoppiness. Due to the presence of intense toasted and caramelized flavors, the flavor is comparable to dark chocolate or black coffee. Stout beers are added to dishes like beef stews and chicken wings in addition to being consumed on their own.

Stouts beers are arguably one of the most noticeable. Stouts are often associated with heavy drinking, but some kinds can actually have lower alcohol levels. Rich oatmeal stout and American imperial stout, which is regarded as the beer variety with the greatest alcohol content, are two further varieties.

Wheat Beer

As the name suggests, more wheat than malted barley is used in the production of this top-fermented beer. Within the category, there are a lot of variations. However, wheat beers, in general, tend to be light, summery, and refreshing, making them ideal for casual, carefree drinking. The addition of wheat to the recipe gives the finished beer a foamy head, a velvety mouthfeel, and a unique sweetness.

In fact, some wheat beers have a distinct bubble gum or banana scent. Wheat beers come in a variety of hues, from light straw to dark brown, and they're all tasty. American wheat beer, which is renowned for being low in alcohol, bready, and slightly lemony, may be used in some versions. The coriander and orange peel in the Belgian witbier make it a little spicy. Likewise the yeasty German wheat beer with notes of clover and banana.


The Porter style of Ale, a traditional pub brew with origins in 18th-century London, uses brown malt, giving it a dark hue. It has a flavor profile that includes delightful sweet notes, burnt malty bitterness, and toasty caramel aromas. Porter and stout beer share many similarities, however, they differ in the type of malt used in their brewing.

The type of roasted malt used in the brewing process determines whether porters will taste fruity or dry. They often taste less like coffee than stouts and more like chocolate than brown ales. Imperial porters are one type of porter; they have a medium level of hop bitterness and malt sweetness. Low malt sweetness and moderate hop bitterness are features of English-style brown porters. Additionally, robust porters have a higher roasted malt flavor and bitterness.

Sum up

Hopefully, after learning more about the various types of beer available, you'll be inspired to add something unique to your beer list. Besides, Athletic Brewing is your trusted companion as you can find your favorite, famous and non-alcoholic craft beer. Don't forget to use our Athletic Brewing discount codes to enjoy many great discounts!

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