Top 5 Best Motorcycle Batteries For Long Lasting Performance (2022 Review)

One of the most crucial parts of a motorcycle is the battery. So what type of battery do you choose when it's time to repair or upgrade? Below are the 5 best options available in the market for a motorcycle battery.

Shorai LFX14L2-BS12

Choose the Shorai LFX14L2-BS12 if you want to be on the cutting edge of motorbike battery technology. It is the lightest battery on this list in terms of weight and offers reasonable CCA and Ah. In comparison to an AGM motorcycle battery, this battery may be charged more quickly and will live longer overall, especially in warm locations. For desert riders, a lithium battery is a suitable option.

This battery is so tiny that larger battery boxes might not be able to accommodate it tightly. The Shorai does come with stabilizing sticky foam padding, though. You must use a specialized battery charger with this battery since overcharging could cause damage. For optimum assembly, they are also offered in a variety of sizes and colors.

Weize YTX9-BS

It is a wise decision to get a battery from a well-known and reputable company like Weize when it comes to products like batteries. One of the most popular choices on the list we have today is the Weize YTX9-BS. It is a compact motorbike battery that is light enough for tiny engines. You will discover that this high-performance battery is currently fairly popular on the market because it is offered at a lower price margin.

Although it doesn't have as much power as batteries with more capacity, this battery is affordable and dependable. So for riders on a tight budget, it is one of the best motorbike battery solutions. This battery won't produce a lot of power due to its low amp hours (only 8) and low cold-cranking amps (135). If your motorcycle has an engine displacement greater than 135 cubic inches, this battery won't operate as well for you.

Odyssey PC680

A durable battery that offers a respectable amount of amp-hours is the Odyssey PC680 (16). Although this battery is pricey, it will ultimately cost you less money. With the right maintenance, the Odyssey PC680 can last eight to 10 years. Since a motorbike battery typically lasts four years, you'll only need to change this type only half as often.

Because of its strength, the Odyssey battery housing is a fantastic option for Powersports and off-roading. Additionally, while this battery's cold-cranking amps (170) are typical, its hot-cranking amps (520) are exceptional (PHCA). A battery's output capacity when warmed to at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit is measured in hot cranking amps. Battery Sharks is the best option if you're looking for a reliable store to get Odyssey batteries. Use our Battery Sharks coupons to receive numerous superb discounts.

Yuasa YTX20L-BS

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki are just a few of the motorcycle brands that employ Yuasa batteries as OEM components. These batteries are reliable and of great quality. Although you might be able to locate a comparable battery for less money, Yuasa is a dependable option. This brand creates a few more peripherals, such as battery chargers and other connected peripherals, in addition to batteries.

The Yuasa YTX20L-BS battery has a capacity of 12 volts and 18 amp-hours, and its cold-cranking amps are around 270. It is a potential choice for locations that experience extreme cold thanks to the enhanced CCA capacity. It is accomplished by providing a spill-proof and totally sealed container for the battery. This sealed lead acid battery features glass mat separators in addition to being spill-proof. For battery care, rechargeable batteries can be used with chargers and maintainers.

Chrome Battery YTX30L-BS

A number of motorcycles benefit from the Chrome Battery YTX30L-BS. The cost is less than what you would spend for an OEM battery and is about average for a motorcycle battery. With a 30 amp-hour capacity and 385 cold-cranking amps, this battery can give your engine plenty of power. It is our top pick for the best motorbike battery because it is simple to install, dependable, and needs little maintenance.

In terms of durability, this motorcycle battery is the best. Its construction is robust. Vibrations won't damage the battery connectors because they are robust enough. Because of this, it works with a variety of cars. The battery will endure a long time without rusting because it has an excellent life cycle.

Sum Up

Finding your best motorcycle battery will be tough sometimes. You shouldn't make a decision on prices alone. Being cheap does not always imply that it is the best choice. We have provided all the relevant information about the best motorcycle batteries. Hope that you will find the best options for your needs. But before that, check out how to buy motorbike batteries.