Top 5 Best Hockey Equipment Brands in the World (2022 Review)

There are many different brands of hockey equipment to pick from, each with its own set of advantages and selling points. When purchasing important hockey equipment, which brands should you consider? Check out the top 5 popular brands for hockey players of any level via today's blog.


Because of the brand's strong reputation, which has developed significantly since its inception, so many NHL players wear Bauer products. Hockey sticks, skates, pants, and protective gear are just a few of the items that Bauer makes in addition to gloves, helmets, goaltender gear, roller gear, accessories, and clothing. You can surely purchase all you need from them for your hockey equipment if you so choose.

Their entire inventory is broken down into distinct lines like Nexus, Supreme, and Vapor. These lines have unique features and price points and are made for gamers of different categories. They provide a range of choices for various age groups and even at various pricing points. Don't forget to use our Bauer coupon codes to enjoy many wonderful discounts.


Many players, including amateurs and pros, often utilize the well-known brand CCM. Some of the top NHL players have backed the business since its founding in Weston, Ontario, in 1899. Along with the necessities, they also produce a variety of game gear, referee apparel, and accessories. CCM's current top-of-the-line series is the U+ line, which consists of the U+ Crazy Light skates, U+ Crazy Lightstick, and U+ Crazy Strong stick.

Modern technology, like stainless steel runners, abrasion guards, and moisture-wicking liners, are all used by CCM in their skates. To ensure that they can assist as many hockey players and skaters as possible, they also provide a variety of sizes and fit styles.


Easton manufactures gear for a wide range of sports, including tennis, lacrosse, baseball, and hockey, and was formally established in 1985. When the time comes to purchase hockey equipment for the upcoming season, it will be a wise choice. The GEAR-S and Synergy skate lines are available, depending on what you're looking for. Two of their sticks are the Mako and the Stealth.

As time has passed, Easton has continued to provide increasingly better equipment for numerous players. The Easton brand has once more become synonymous with gloves. Their sticks have also been gaining popularity, and they are the company behind the popular glove brand "Stealth." Easton's reputation and dependability are both expanding as they continue to gain favor.


Reebok spearheaded an initiative to reinvent the sport of hockey and the gear worn after the NHL lockout of 2004–2005. Since then, the company has largely changed hockey equipment with its skates. They also provide sport accessories, shoes, and sportswear. Players and skate enthusiasts alike have grown to enjoy the "20K Pump" skate. Their skates have a feature called pump technology that enables a flexible and personalized fit that is simple to deal with and makes donning and doffing skates a breeze.

They deal with several of the league's top players and provide a wide variety of goalkeeper equipment that covers all the essentials. More importantly, Sidney Crosby, the best and most well-known player in the world, is sponsored by Reebok, giving the company a significant boost in popularity.


Another well-known manufacturer of hockey equipment is Warrior, but it has a more promising reputation than the others. It is based in Warren, Michigan, and was established in 1992. Additionally, they are well known for their hockey-related attire, which includes sneakers, t-shirts, and hoodies. Hockey players can choose from a variety of gear, including gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, pants, and shin guards.

For better lightweight performance, pop, and accuracy, Warrior developed their Alpha DX sticks with True 1, Fuelcore, and Sabre Taper. The Alpha DX shoulder pads also offer improved protection with better fit and mobility. Hockey's biggest brand, Warrior, is the sponsor of stars from the NHL such as Leon Draisaitl, Dylan Larkin, and Brad Marchand.

Final thought

The quality and cost of the goods and how effectively it functions for you are more important than the brand name. You can trust these companies and purchase any of their equipment if you're looking for the greatest hockey equipment. Hope that with this article, you can buy hockey equipment for your needs.