Top 5 Best Books for Fall 2021 – What to Curl Up This Autumn?

Autumn is the best time to see fall foliage, make apple pies, and especially curl up with a new book. In this article, we highlight 5 best books to add to your reading list this fall 2021.

The Book of Form and Emptiness

Ozeki’s playful origami of a novel brings the light to the inner life of Benny - a biracial guy who loses his musician father and gets psychotic fugue when his mother deals with her own burdens.

But what makes this book captivating is that the novel itself tells the story, manipulating forms to our bed of roses.

Beautiful World, Where Are You

The Irish successful man behind Normal People delivers her most gruelling novel, considered as an astute mosaic of maturity’s messiness at a time when humanity feels gradually doomed.

Yet Rooney’s third outing - which follows the romantic enmeshment of four millennials, one of a well-known young writer - is actually a serious examination of the things that make a significant life: art, romance, sex, and friendship.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Two enthusiastic teenagers are under the 1453 siege of Constantinople, an overwrought young man in present-day Idaho, a restive girl locked away on a spacecraft centuries in the future: all go around a disappeared ancient manuscript, finding meaning from a parable about a city beyond the clouds.

The author of All the Light We Cannot See built successfully an Escher-like narrative whose complicated architecture feels as intimate as a bedtime story, a love letter sent to libraries and the bibliophiles who live in them.

State of Terror

A new president points out his political enemy to be secretary of state. Does that ring any bell?

The association of 2 friends - Rodham Clinton  and bestselling mystery novelist Penny produced a global suspense novel informed by details only an insider could know. It's a complicated, fast-paced pulse-pounder in which - wait for it - it’s left to women to save the world.

Oh William!

Elizabeth Strout, whose novels won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize, reprises her literary avatar - Lucy Barton in this bright – if gloominess – rumination of marriage mortality, and love’s complexities. After Lucy’s second husband, David, passes away due to a short illness, she gradually becomes closer to her first husband, William, with whom she broke up years ago as he has affairs.

Together, they contemplate old wounds and deal with painful secrets, meanwhile concluding “this is the way of life: too many things we do not know until it’s too late...”

Saving Tips

For any book that you select, never buy it at full price.

You should use book coupon codes and apply it at check-out to put a huge dent on your payment.

Sign up for a newsletter to receive notifications of exclusive sales and promotional codes that allow you save a fair bit on your purchase. You can also follow the stores via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … to stay updated with the latest promotions.

Never forget to read the shipping and return policy. Shop until your order reaches the threshold to get free shipping. And in case you’re not happy with your delivered books, you can return it following the return policy.

Besides, look at the offers and sales that the store rolls out at the home page to access huge savings.

Select one of 5 foregoing intriguing books to curl up this autumn 2021 and make use of saving tips to own it at a very good price.