Top 4 Reading Apps You Should Buy For Your Kids

Technology has become a part of our life, and many parents use it as a part of early education for children. Instead of learning from workbooks and videotapes, children can try out fun activities with their families with just a tablet. From the top tools for young children to the best ones for homeschoolers, there is a list of learning apps that meet your needs.

ABCmouse - Best overall app

ABCMouse is a favorite app for many children and parents. The interactive app offers thousands of activities to help develop reading skills. This app contains over 850 learning lessons that help children master various skills. These include digital books, puzzles, games, songs, and animations that create a very interactive reading experience.

All 850 lessons are divided into 10 levels in the Step-by-step Learning Path. Each step builds on the previous one to help kids master their reading skills through fun, colorful activities, as well as save time to find the right lesson. Kids can play through the lesson path.

If you want to use ABCmouse, you can register to use a 30-day for free with their free trial program. If your child likes this app, buy it at the cost of $10 per month. It offers many ABCMouse discounts, for example, families who purchase a full year’s subscription can get almost 50% off the price.


Launched in 2002, The Starfall is a non-profit tool that teaches children reading skills at a young age, and it develops to the app format. It offers multiple levels to encourage even the earliest readers to play along.

Children will learn through their first phonics lessons, starting with vowel sounds and super simple examples. It lets kids practice with fun read-along, letter matching games, and much more. They don't feel like they’re "learning" at all.

Not only suitable for preschoolers but the Starfall app is also fun for elementary school students. It has a different level of skills that help students continue improving their language skills. In addition, once your children move to the highest advanced levels, they can access many fables, myths, and other genres of literature.

Homer - Best app for elementary schoolers

Homer is a perfect app for children from 2 to 8 years old. Understanding the fun makes learning easy, it's filled with fun games that kids can choose based on their interests. 

Homer offers learning plans and allows kids to select what they want to work on. The system starts by teaching toddlers the basics of sounds, letters, and numbers. The app has over 20 topics, combining their reading needs with your child's favorite topics to produce a customized learning plan.

The special feature is that your child can choose what mode they like. There are two main options for users: working through the lesson plan, or practice mode which lets them do their favorite activities. The price point is only $10 per month or roughly $60 for a full year.

Hooked on Phonics

Teaching your kid basic phonics is a great step to develop reading skills. Hooked on Phonics is a famous learning app that teaches your kid the reading skill. It's a suitable system for home-learning also.

This learning app has familiar features. They get workbooks, books, stories, and many activities. The price of the Hooked on Phonics app is quite higher than other apps, at about $16 per month. However, it includes more products than just a reading app. Sometimes, during sale seasons, they provide many Hooked on Phonics discounts that let you subscribe to this app at a lower price rate.

Wrapping up

Learning to read is a personal journey, but parents will need to start helping their kid at an early stage. Home learning is important for each child, to develop the basic learning foundation. Most of the apps are useful for all groups of children. They'll have fun while learning.