Top 4 Power Vanities For Your Small Bathrooms In 2022

If your bathroom is small and you're worried there is no space for everything you like, we've listed some best bathroom vanities options that can solve your problem. It helps your bathroom be neater and more organized than ever.

Top 4 best vanities

There are certain types of vanities with excellent quality that you should pay attention to. Here are the top 4 best vanities according to our suggestions:

Silveran/Lillangen Sink Cabinet

If your bathroom is small and doesn't have enough space for storage, the Silveran/Lillangen Sink Cabinet is a great choice. The sink cabinet takes up little space but is large enough to store everything. With these clever hooks for towels, your bath things are kept close at hand without taking too much space. 

This sink cabinet has 2 doors that measure 10 5/8'' depth and 36 3/4" height. The bathroom sink cabinet is made of a renewable material like wood fiber because the store tries to avoid fossil or finite materials. The cabinet now has a price of $229. Purchase this product on the IKEA website and remember to apply available IKEA discount codes to enjoy your savings.

Kenwood bathroom vanities

Kenwood Bathroom Vanities brings modern styles to your small bathroom. Made of solid wood and steel, this vanity can add sophistication to your room. This bathroom vanity, with its sleek hardware and legs, exemplifies great craftsmanship and modern design at its finest. Kenwood comes with or without a quartz countertop.

This vanity comes with 2 options, which has only vanity and has top and sink also. The price for vanity only is $3,599 and the vanity with top and sink starts at $4,399. This vanity is worth the price because the quality is exceptional. Place your order at Room and Board, you will have a full warranty policy as well as excellent customer service. Don't forget to apply Room and Board coupons to save your money on vanities.

Tornviken Vanity Countertop

Your bathroom will become sparkling and luxurious with the Tornviken Vanity Countertop. The high gloss finish makes you feel fresh when starting a new day. This cabinet has plenty of space where you can put everything inside.

The Tornviken Vanity Countertop has a simple design and comes in basic colors, so it's easy to combine with other furniture in the room. Its price is $379. Simply spend an amount of money, your bathroom is well-organized than ever.

Godmorgon/Braviken Double Sink Cabinet

Godmorgon/Braviken Double Sink Cabinet is suitable for pairs who get up at different times in the morning. This cabinet has a dark wood finish and a visible grain pattern, so it brings your bathroom more luxury. No matter what your bathroom style is, the Braviken Double Sink Cabinet is easy to match in your room.

The Braviken Double Sink Cabinet has four drawers that are protected from water damage. Foil is wrapped around the particleboard to ensure all edges are protected. The smooth drawers with pull-out stop, so you can easily open all the way to see and reach needed items.

If you like this basic sink cabinet, spend $589.00 to purchase it. During checkout, don't forget to use available IKEA promo codes to shop on a budget. The tidy bathroom, the relaxed and fresh you feel every morning.

How to choose the right bathroom vanity

Many people do not comprehend the basic knowledge to choose the appropriate vanity for your house. Here are what you need to put into consideration when choosing the vanity:

Measure your space

Measuring your space is really important so that you can find the best-fit bathroom vanity. Consider how much storage you'll need and who will be using the vanity. The typical countertop height is 31 inches, however, this is purely a matter of taste. Shorter types are better for tiny children, while taller adults may prefer a higher tabletop.


Vanity finishes are typically made of glass, metal, or wood, so they come in a variety of colors. The most popular colors are black and white, but now they have lots of trending colors like navy, gray, and more. Depending on your paint wall, you can select the color of bathroom vanities.

Sink types

Bathroom vanities come in two different types, which are freestanding and built-in options. Freestanding vanities come in a variety of styles and are ideal for compact areas. Built-in vanities are ideal for larger rooms because they provide extra counter space and storage.

Final words

To keep your small bathroom more organized, set up a sink cabinet with these 4 vanities. It’s an absolutely important investment for a higher life standard.