Winter 2021 Trendsetter: Top 4 Hair Accessories Every Lady Should Try

Sometimes we focus too much on our dress and makeup that we forget about our hair accessories at the very last minute. Let’s have a quick look at some hair accessories trends that will complete your look this winter.

Bobby Pins

Every girl probably already has a pack of bobby pins in her bathroom cabinet, so why don’t you try to style this available accessory to make a trendy look yourself. If you always update the fashion trend, you can see that even the legendary Chanel is crazy about this trend.

The sweetest look comes from Chanel. The bobby pins help control and retain the clean side-part while letting the bottom of the hair flow in a loose ponytail or just plain loose. There are these numerous, piled bobby pins that give the waves a significant edge.

No one else used as many bobby pins as Chanel did, but since bobby pins are widely available, this is a look that we can all achieve, albeit to a lesser level. For a more basic variation, at Francesca Liberatore, we saw only a trio of bobby pins breaking up the wavy hair texture.


Thanks to beautiful and delicate headbands, there is a taste of girlish elegance in the lookbooks this season.

There are big predictions being made about the headbands presented for hair accessories this season, and we won't be surprised when we see them all over our Instagram feeds. They are various, from ultra-wide headbands, beaded headbands, braided headbands to the thin side ones.

Besides, the appearance of the charming double-headbands also creates a new wave. Two thin headbands is the perfect way to add structure to the curly, slightly messy updos the hair was styled.


If we talk about vintage style without discussing scarves, we'll make a huge mistake. Though old-school ladies used soft scarves to preserve their hair when riding top-down on the highway, it appears that fashionistas have adopted the style for purely stylish reasons.

Scarves give this year's hair accessory trends an old-world elegance and a rustic appeal. For example, Christian Dior's scarves feature wonderful designs and they are knotted around the head like headbands, with a bit of knot in the center, and this lovely look will be easy to copy off the runway. Meanwhile, Dolce & Gabbana's scarves were bright, lively, and colorful. They were wrapped in a beautiful headwrap manner to cover more of the head.

Pearl Accessories

The final one is the charming pearl accessories. Pearl hair clips, headband with pearls, and pearl barrettes - all are coming back this season!

Pearls have caught our eye in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they even provide a subtle touch of glitz to a variety of hair accessories. This year, we find out that the hair clips are just bigger and prettier than ever, with rhinestones and pearls adorning them.

Besides the typical pearl accessories, we can see the revolution with the combination of a rope of pearls with damp hair, giving the gorgeous mermaid vibes. This year’s trend also makes a statement that it’s time for the more is more, with the pearly hair nets adding the perfect texture contrast to lushly curled hair.

If you expect a perfect outlook, just take note and use the added hair accessories to upgrade your daily outfits and have a trendy appearance.