Top 4 Coolest Ear Piercings Every Chic Lady Should Try (part 1)

Wearing ear piercings is a fantastic way to add some personality to your appearance, and they come in various forms and sizes. Today, we will go through some of the coolest ear piercings that are highly recommended.

Lobe Piercing

The first option that we would mention is definitely the classic lobe piercing. This is the most popular ear piercing that most ladies have had since they are still kids because it is the easiest to wear, least pain, and it also costs less to get compared to other types of piercing.

Even though it is a classic position, you can still be creative with your lobe piercings. You may have a unique design if you're interested in numerous lobe piercings, such as stacking several lobe piercings on top of each other, performing three piercings in a triangle shape, or even coming up with your own design, depending on the size of your lobes.

Besides, this type of piercing also allows you to wear various types of earrings, from the typical stud earrings for healing to hoops earrings of any size or chain earrings. You can easily get these earrings in any jewelry store and check some lobe earring coupons to find the best deal for this type of accessory to upgrade your appearance.

Conch Piercing

Going a little bit higher to the cartilage part on your ear, we get the conch piercing. It takes place in the middle portion of your ear cartilage and maybe the most customizable piercing on your body. 

If you want to get the conch piercing, you will have the option of getting either an inner or an outer one. The inner conch is located in the lower cartilage, whereas the outer conch is located in the upper position.

In terms of styling a conch piercing, while the inner conch limits your choice to a cartilage stud, larger hoops are used widely in the outer conch. The outer conch is close enough to the rim of the ear to wrap a ring around the ear to create a chic look. You can try seamless hoop styles segments or clicker hoops for this position.

Helix Piercing

When you think of a cartilage piercing, you usually think of the trendy helix piercing, which is located in your upper cartilage. Because your top cartilage offers a large area for piercings, you should consider where you want your helix piercing before visiting the piercer.

Besides, while ear piercings in general heal quickly, cartilage heals differently, so be sure you're doing everything correctly to take care of your piercings since cartilage piercing injury can result in permanent ear deformity, such as cauliflower ear.

Helix piercing also allows you to be creative with various types of earrings such as simple cartilage stud, captive bead rings, helix hoop earrings, curved and circular barbells, ear cuffs, and cartilage shields so you can go with every style you want.

Industrial Piercing

Finally, we will introduce you to the more complicated punk style piercing - the industrial, which consists of two piercings in one. These two ear piercings, generally placed in the helix and antihelix, are connected by a straight barbell. 

Perhaps the most exciting thing about industrial piercing is you actually can have two piercings in one. For an industrial style, we recommend you link a straight barbell or the variation of industrial barbell between the two holes, or fill each piercing with a cartilage stud for a more traditional look.

Because you'll be getting two piercings at once for your industrial piercing, aftercare might be a little more challenging. Furthermore, cartilage takes more attention during mending than fleshy regions, so make sure you pay attention during the process.

Naturally, various ear piercings cause different levels of pain. We hope that with our detailed information, you can choose the one that best suits your style to give your appearance a little refresh.