Top 3 Perfect Birthday Gifts For One-Year-Old Kid (Part 1)

Besides amazing birthday ideas, we can not forget a gift. Toys for 1-year-olds should be fun and help them develop fine motor skills. Take a look at the 3 best one-year-old gifts here.

Why Toys?

As a 1 year old, your toddler may not be able to tell what they want yet, but you can choose the gift idea depending on what they do every day. From month 12, children are bursting with new skills, and giving them some toys that help kids practice new abilities and learn everything around them is a key. 

While each child has different developmental milestones, many 1-year-old kids can manage a pincer grasp and hold something by index finger and thumb. That fine motor skill lets kids have a first attempt at scribbling with a chubby crayon. So, some art gifts, such as crayons, and coloring books can make for good gifts for both boys and girls. 

Best gifts for 1-year old babies

Radio Flyer Classic Wagon Walker

Some 1-year children can walk with every little step. A walker is one of the best gift options for their first birthday. The Radio Flyer Classic Wagon Walker has been designed with a tot-sized version of the iconic wagon that lets it roll easily. That makes your baby more confident when moving. 

With a natural solid wooden body and classic design, this push wagon is becoming a part of many warm memories that will last a lifetime. Also, this walker creates a perfect toy box for your baby. Your little one can store their favorite toys for imaginative play indoors or bring them on walking adventures!

The price of this walker is only $80.00. You can place an order online at the Radio Flyer website, or on Amazon. With Radio Flyer promo codes, you can save a little money while shopping also. 

Melissa and Doug Shape-Sorting Cube

When your child turns 1 year old, you can start to teach them some simple shapes, such as rectangles, triangles, and circles. The Melissa and Doug Shape-Sorting Cube is a perfect educational toy to help you. It features 12 chunky and colored shapes that make a "clunk" when they drop into the natural-finish hardwood cube. Then, your kid opens the lid, takes cubes out, and starts again. 


This Shape-Sorting Cube has:

  • Made from wooden with 12 brightly colored, easy to grip shapes
  • Each shape fits a hole of the same shape on the cube
  • Promotes color and shape recognition and problem-solving skills

For buying, visit the Melissa and Doug website and make an order at $16.29. Melissa and Doug offer many discounts and deals so that you can apply for more savings. 

Baby’s First Words Ring Flash Cards

A good gift for 1-year babies is something that they can develop their skills and knowledge on, like colorful flashcards. The Baby’s First Words Ring Flash Cards has a total of 26 cards with cute pictures to encourage tots to say their very first words.

These cards have a ring that you can separate from them to hang on the walls or your little one can carry them while in the stroller. With these cute and colorful pictures, babies can recognize the different animals and items pictured on each of the cards. From duck, bird, banana, to rainbow, the images are very clear and simple.


There are lots of gifts you can buy for your 1-year baby. To boost their development in the golden year, some educational toys are the best choice. To build stronger bond, join the fun, be around the kid.