Top 3 Easy-To-Follow Piano Online Lessons 2021: Become a Professional Pianist with These Courses

The piano is one of the easy instruments to learn that you can easily play with proficiency and show off this skill to everyone. However, it’s not easy to find a reliable course that provides you with obvious instructions to understand how to play quickly, especially for beginners.

Based on reviews and my own experience, we’ve curated 3 piano online lessons that boast handy features and clear instruction. They will turn your dream of becoming a professional pianist quickly.

Playground Sessions

Playground sessions are at the forefront of online piano resources. It’s a piano learning software teaching piano through video lessons that pretty much has had a cult following.

What makes this piano online lesson stand out is the amusingly game-like feature. Instead of learning piano in a serious way, you will have a lot of fun through this gamification avenue. By doing this way, the lesson will keep you interested and make you learn how to play faster. It’s thus a suitable course for children. Besides, you will receive instant feedback thereafter to verify if your notes and timing are correct.

With Playground Sessions, you will have a chance to learn from famous pianists such as Quincy Jones - the Grammy-award-winning musician, Harry Connick - jazz musician and actor, and also well-known pianist David Sides. They will walk you through the way to play a particular song, and also share their knowledge of music theory including notation and ear training.

Thanks to a large library of songs with various types such as jazz, rock, etc, you will easily find your preferred song to play. This course is designed for any age to learn, and especially for beginner and also intermediate learners. Note that this course will not cover the advanced levels.

Starting from $9.99 per month, it’s well worth it for a handy and amusing piano resource. Use Playground Sessions promo codes to put a huge dent in your payment.


It’s an ultimate piano app that many piano learners swear by. There’s a good reason for it: It’s easy to follow that you can actually get started in minutes. Besides, Videos of lessons are obvious, informative, and well-designed.

You may be hard-pressed to find an easy-to-learn course like Flowkey. By following their instructions step-by-step, you will quickly nail the basics of playing the piano. It possesses the obvious instruction of notes and sight-reading.  Therefore, this course is a sheer fit for beginners.

This course also features music theory courses, allowing learners to delve into music theory deeply. And with customizability, you will be able to adjust the speed of the song you are playing, then handling better. In addition, you can decide the amount of material that you’ll learn per day. Keep in mind that don’t push yourself too much, yet try to keep practicing.

With a library of over 1500 songs that are categorized into 4 levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro, you can select one preferred song at your own level. They also range from various genres and moods, which makes it a great selection. Don’t miss out on this incredible piano learning resource, you can get it for free, yet subscribe to get better features. Use Flowkey coupons to save up to 55% on your fee.

Piano For All

With this ebook course, you will know how to play piano after a few days.  It focuses on chords, playing by ear, jazz, composing, and improvisation, you’ll then be able to play simple melodies pretty soon.

The lessons are from pianist Robin Hall. He explains musical concepts clearly, also makes use of diagrams and other visual features to make them easy for you to understand.

This e-course will be worth your splurge to become a pianist very quickly. Don’t forget to use Piano For All coupon codes and discounts to save up to 65% on your subscription.


These 3 foregoing online piano lessons are well-designed for anyone who gets started with this or wants to get back on track. You should be patient and hone it regularly to become a great pianist and show your skills to attract anyone. Don’t forget to use their promotions to get the best features at real bargains.