Top 3 Affordable Lip Balms To Heal Your Dry And Chapped Lips This Winter

For some people, chapped lips seem to stick all year round, and when winter comes, the problem becomes more and more serious. But have you found yourself the best lip balm yet? Let’s take gentle care of your lips and make them juicy even during the most severe weather with our best lip balms list below.

DHC Lip Cream

DHC Lip Cream is a perfect choice not only for the winter but also for all-year-round treatment. Many customers appreciated the creamy texture of this balm. It's creamy but not too thick, and it's just the right consistency for healing.

This ultra-hydrating lip balm contains herbs that moisturize, help ease, and protect lips from the stresses of ordinary pressure. Besides, dry and chapped lips can be soothed with antioxidant-rich olive oil and soothing aloe in this product.

Squalane also helps to prevent irritation, while ginseng root extract increases moisture for long-lasting suppleness. It may be used alone or over lipstick to add a radiant, natural glow. This lip balm could also be used beneath lipstick for additional hydration, making it an ideal choice for all ladies. 

Burt's Bees Original Beeswax Lip Balm

Burt's Bees is a low-cost lip balm with a classic form that comes in a variety of flavors. It's easy to purchase at most drugstores, and one swipe will keep your lips moisturized for the whole day.

This lip balm regular product offers a pleasant peppermint flavor that lingers for the first few minutes after application and leaves a thin, waxy coating on your lips that lasts all day.

Because of its main component, beeswax, the Burt's Bees balm gives it a harder feel when compared to the gel-like petroleum-based creams. The recipe will give you a minty tingling that lasts for five minutes after you apply it. Because the Burt's Bees only lasted around six hours, you need to reapply it once during the day.

Of all the Burt's Bees lip balms, only the pomegranate flavor lip balm provides color to your lips, and peppermint oil, which is the original Beeswax, is a possible skin irritant, so if your lips are sensitive, we recommend that you try a different taste.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 15

The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen is packaged in a hard-shelled tube in the shape of a lipstick, which makes this one stand out from other solid lip balms that have tiny plastic closures instead of a full-length sleeve. If you care about the appearance of your cosmetics, the Fresh is by far the most attractive balm, and it may help elevate this ordinary item to a high standard.

This classic comes in 14 different colors and finishes, and trust us; they're all great. The soft pink color, on the other hand, steals the show. This smooth, somewhat matte product lays on top of lips and glides on so thin and light that you won't even know you're wearing it.

With the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm, one swipe can create a lovely pink wash that works astonishingly well on all skin tones; however, it's also readily buildable if you want a more pigmented look. Bonus points for the sweet fragrance, which is highly addictive.

It costs approximately $20 for 0.15 ounces, which is far more expensive than our other selections for significantly less content so you can find some Fresh Sugar Lip Balm coupons to save your pocket.

These lip balms can be found online as well as in drugstores or beauty shops, so take care of your lips this winter to help you look gorgeous without makeup.