The Biting Problem of Pandemic Dogs

Dogs are the best friends of humans and are the top priority pets when it comes to adoption. They are super loyal, easy to maintain, and protective of the owners and their families. And according to statistics, there has been a significant surge in dog adaptation and purchase during the pandemic. The reason is that most people live alone, and due to lockdown, it becomes extra lonely for them.

The Biting Problem of Pandemic Dogs
The Biting Problem of Pandemic Dogs

Even the families with kids were very active in purchasing pandemic dogs to make the environment fun at home. However, what most of them thought didn’t come true. The reason is that the pandemic dogs didn’t get thorough training. And when they went to the homes of their owners, they got highly overwhelmed. So, they showed biting and excessive barking behaviour. 

Reasons Why Pandemic Dogs Bite

Now let’s talk about the reasons behind the pandemic dogs’ bite and talk about possible solutions for them. 

1. Excessive Dog and Human Interaction

During the lockdown, the aggression increased in the pandemic dogs and the regular pet dogs. And that’s because the interaction between dogs and family members increased. During the pandemic, work as well education became online, forcing everyone to stay home.

Excessive Dog and Human Interaction

Even though it was an excellent move to eradicate this health issue from the world, it created chaos for dogs. Not only the noise increased in the home, making problems in the peaceful day naps of the dogs, but that also took away the alone playtime liberty from them. And what we don’t realize is that dogs are highly sensitive animals that get anxious for the smallest of causes.

Moreover, the anxiety in dogs also varies from breed to breed. So, you need to give your dog space and make the environment peaceful and safe for them.

2. No Outdoor Activity/Exercise

If you are getting a pandemic dog and don’t want your new pet friend to bite you, ease him out. When the dogs stay home all days of the week, they get frustrated. Exercise and outdoor walks are so crucial for any pet you have. The breath of fresh air and nature can calm down your pandemic dog, and he will also enjoy it very much. If you fail to facilitate your dog, you’ll have to bear the bites and other harmful behaviour. 

3. No Socialization with Other Animals

You need to make your dog socialize with other animals and humans. And for that, you can buy dog toys that your pet can enjoy in the company of your friends and their pets. You can search for valuable dog toy coupons to get them at a discount instead of spending crazy money. And that will teach your dog to stay calm in the presence of strangers and be friendly with them.

No Socialization with Other Animals
No Socialization with Other Animals

4. No Proper Training 

Our dogs also show chaotic behaviour like scratching the furniture and barking for no reason because we fail at training them. Dogs are intelligent and learn things super fast. So, you need to arrange proper training hours for them. If you are too busy or don’t know how to potty train or do other dog training, you can look up dog training websites that offer the service. It will be an excellent experience for your dog, and it will make your life easy as well. 

5. Regular Checkups and Balance Diet

Most of the time, our dogs are properly trained and yet show abnormal behaviour because of an underlying problem. So, you have to take your dog to the veterinary specialist for regular checkups. And another major factor that plays a vital role in making dogs happy and healthy is the diet. The food you provide your dog must have all the nutritional elements that your pet requires. Otherwise, you can add dog supplements and vitamins to the food separately.

Final Words

We are ending our article about the aggression of pandemic dogs here, and we hope you got the solutions to fix it.