The Best E-Reader Products On The Market This Year

In the past, when there was no e-reader, people mainly used traditional paper books as a tool to provide knowledge. However, with the advent of e-readers, people have been able to improve their reading preferences more effectively. That's why there are many e-reader products on the market. With that in mind, we're bringing you our pick of the best e-readers on the market this year in the content of this blog.

Amazon's Kindle Reader

Amazon's Kindle e-reader product can be said to be the "king" of the e-reader market. Not only improving the traditional way of reading books, but Kindle also has many outstanding features.

Some of the advantages of the Kindle e-reader can be mentioned as affordable price, water resistance, durable battery life and a wide range of e-books. In addition, the Kindle reader has many other advantages. You can learn more about this product through our blog "Kindle - The Best-Selling E-Reader On The Market".

Bibox e-reader

Bibox e-reader is also a good product with excellent bookstore quality. Reading is an elegant pastime for many book lovers. However, they are not always able to carry the book with them. Bibox e-reader is extremely convenient with compact size, easy-to-use features, so you can take it anywhere to read books, read newspapers.

In addition, the Bibox reader also has features to help users adjust the font size and screen brightness to better suit the eyes. This is an e-book reader that you should not ignore. You can take advantage of our Bibox e-reader coupons to buy this product at a cheaper price.

Kobo e-reader

Kobo is a brand of Indigo Books & Music company. It is located in Canada and provides online book services. However, since being acquired by Rakuten in 2011, Kobo has turned to e-reader products.

Kobo's e-reader products give users the flexibility to customize the way they read. The Kobo e-reader weighs in at 230 grams with a thinness that might surprise you - 6.9 millimeters. The Kobo e-reader is even thinner than the iPhone 6s. With this size, it is more convenient for you to use one hand because the machine fits in the palm of your hand without causing hand fatigue. In particular, the Kobo Aura One e-reader uses the ComfortLight PRO backlight. This backlight will make you feel more comfortable when you read for a long time.

Kobo's biggest strength compared to Kindle is that it can read files in epub format, the most popular ebook format today. In addition, the battery is also something you do not have to worry about when using a Kobo e-reader. The device is capable of serving you for 2 months with just one charge.

Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader

B&N has always been Amazon's main competitor and the second largest manufacturer in the e-reader market. In 2009, B&N launched the Nook e-reader to boost the e-book business. Like other Kindle products, the highlight of Nook is E-Ink Pearl technology, with a touch screen that helps display text better.

In addition, Nook also has color touch screen tablet versions, supports memory cards and uses the Android operating system that allows users to download more books from Barnes & Noble's online book library via an internet connection.