The 5 Best Red Wine Deals For August 2021

Everyone can enjoy wine except for the youth under 21. If you enjoy more costly, concentrated wines, this is the one for you. If you simply want some daily bottles to have on hand, that's OK. Excellent if your sweet spot is less than $30. And fantastic if you're searching for a nice case to buy. There is so much wine on the market that it might be tough to discover your perfect match, whether online or at a shop.

It's not always about what you can afford when it comes to wine. It's also about the events and the feelings. Just because you can afford a $150 bottle of wine does not imply you will buy it on a regular basis. Even if you are comfortable purchasing a $30 bottle of wine on a weekly basis, you may not be spending that much on bottles for large gatherings.

Here are top 10 wines for every budget that give us a glimmer of hope as we squint into the rest of 2021. These are some of the bottles that piqued our interest this year, although they are only the top of the iceberg.

Under $15

Imagery Estate Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 ($14)

Cali produces a lot of inexpensive Cab, making it difficult to discover the jewels in the rough. That is exactly what this wine is. It's smooth and rich (which presumably means it has some Merlot in it), yet it's not too alcoholic. It smells like blackberries and dirt, which are prevalent when wine production is ramped up on a huge scale. It's a nice case purchase for pizza night, but it can also stand up to a nightly skirt steak.

Planeta La Segreta Sicilia Rosso 2017 ($14)

Sicilian wine requires your whole attention. It's out here seeking for love while being amazing and inexpensive. Go grab some wine. It has a balanced, lively palate with exploding cherry flavor from excellent acidity. It's a red wine for getting together early in the evening and exchanging hot gossip while munching on anything you have laying around. It's that simple and wonderful.

Santa Julia Reserva Mountain Blend 2018 ($12)

The red mix trend has gained traction. It's a relatively new concept in the United States, used to characterize primarily New World winemakers who express themselves through unconventional grape pairings. The combination of Malbec and Cab Franc is not a conventional one, but it works here. The Malbec provides a rich, black concentration of fruit that is elevated by the Cab Franc's acidity. There will also be a whiff of vanilla and mocha. This is a fantastic bottle to drink with a huge pile of grilled meat and a bunch of guests.

From $15 To $30

Dogwood & Thistle Testa Vineyard Carignan 2018 ($26)

Carignan is a survivor grape plant, having been native to Spain, widely planted in South France, transported to California before the Gold Rush, and nearly eradicated post-Prohibition. You'll want to see more of this late-ripening, high-yielding varieties when bold winemakers properly harness its qualities. I know I do after taking a drink from this bottle. It has a structured, tannic grip and a rich, intense fruit core. The palate is filled with this wine, yet it is tempered by superb acidity. If you enjoy Syrah, this is a must-try with a steak meal to make the meal fulfill.

Valle Dell’acate Cerasuolo Di Vittoria Classico Docg 2015 ($21)

Wines from Italy's island areas are among the finest for everyday and communal use. They have a distinct fragrance and are bright and focused. This wine, for example. It has earthy strawberry and cherry notes and is made from the local grapes Frappato and Nero d'Avola. The fruit is chewy but tempered by a high acidity, and it would pair well with beef carpaccio.