The 5 Best Online Stores To Order Fresh Chicken in 2021

Buying chicken online isn’t easy for many reasons. Yet, there is a way out. Explore 5 reliable places to buy fresh and organic chicken online.


FreshToHome is a great supplier that provides fresh seafood, poultry, and other meat products. The products are available in six categories, such as Fish & Seafood, Poultry, Mutton, farmer's market, Marinated, and Steaks & Fillets. Each category has a wide range of products.

Currently, FreshToHome ships orders to Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Chennai. They run many FreshToHome coupons to help customers shop with happy experiences:

  • Free shipping on orders over Rs. 799
  • Get FTH VIP Subscription: Enjoy no delivery fee & Zero minimum spend on orders

Besides the chicken, you can place fish, and other meat via FreshToHome App that is available for iOS and Android. 


D'Artagnan focuses on chicken seriously, as you can choose approximately 41 chicken items available on their website. D’Artagnan sells both individual chicken parts and other comprehensive Heritage, Green Circle, and Organic chicken bundles. 

There are several meal kit options, such as the Coq Au Vin bundle, which provides a whole chicken, key ingredients, as well as a perfect recipe that you can follow and make your lunch meals

D'Artagnan ensures to ship high-quality meat, poultry packages every day. They pack your products in a reusable, insulated box with ice packs to maintain proper temperature. They ship in the 50 US states and the District of Columbia as well. If you have available D'Artagnan coupons, don’t forget to use them to get more savings. 

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is one of the leading suppliers of chicken in the marketplace.  They offer a wide range of chicken products, all of them are shipped to your location. Crowd Cow has both whole chickens and seasoned spatchcocked chickens. Crowd Cow tries to provide every cut you could want. 


At Crowd Cow, you can choose a lot of bundle options, from family packs to individual packs. The store has one of the best selections of free-range and organic chicken you can order online. The price of chicken at Crowd Cow is affordable.  Organic whole chickens start at just $16 and the Bodybuilder Pack contains a whopping 6 pounds of chicken for only $63. You can shop on a tight budget once you apply active Crowd Cow promo codes.


Rastelli becomes one of the biggest online retailers which has a lot of meat products. They provide hormone-free, steroid chicken, which comes from small organic farms in the Shenandoah Valley. The chicken's food is an all vegetarian, GMO-free blend of corn and soybean meal. 

One of the best-sellers at Rastelli is Chicken thighs with incredible flavors. You can try a box of 12 boneless skinless thighs at $29, or 12 boneless skinless chicken breasts is $39. Rastelli's runs many promotions that help customers save money while shopping. Subscribe to every month delivery and you'll receive 5% off on your order.


Butcher Box is an especially good place if you regularly eat meat and want to order in bulk. It provides perfect meal kits for all people who take care of high-quality protein and focuses on organic chicken. All chickens from Butcher Box have certified G.A.P animal welfare.

At Butcher Box, you can't buy single orders for breasts or single while chickens, but you can build your own monthly boxes that have chicken or choose any meat plans created by the store. You'll get a free shipping offer and can cancel your subscription at any time.

Wrapping up

Purchasing chicken online is to help push COVID-19 away as all you need is to stay home and order. These 5 places can guarantee the quality and deliver to your doorstep. If it's hard to choose one among the 5, just try one place at a time to get your most favorite.