Stylish Yet Affordable Retrospec Bikes For Fun w/ The Nature

If you are looking for a bike, you can't skip the Retrospec. Retrospec bicycles have a very stylish and minimal look, and they are also very comfortable to ride. Why not have fun with nature with a stylish yet affordable Retrospec bike? Find the answer in this post.

About Retrospec

Retrospec is an urban bike company that focuses on distribution, manufacturing, and component development. Retrospec bikes are now not only the ideal way of transportation but also a lifestyle that evolves with you.

Retrospec Company has grown big over the last decade, serving customers of all ages. All of the items they design and build are thoroughly tested in California to ensure that they are ready for their consumers to embark on their next adventures. Retrospec is a collection of outstanding yet economical products that have been carefully developed.

Types Of Retrospec Bikes

Retrospec Bikes began with fixie bikes, but they have since progressed and expanded their collection of incredible bikes. Their available bikes include:

  • - Balance Bikes
  • - Beach Cruisers
  • - City Bikes
  • - Fixed Gear Bikes
  • - Fitness Bikes
  • - Folding Bikes 
  • - Kids Bikes
  • - Hybrid Bikes
  • - Single Speed Bikes

There are a variety of accessories available to go with these incredible bikes. Once you complete your purchase, you'll be able to take advantage of excellent customer support.

What Makes Retrospec Bikes Worth It?

There are many reasons why a lot of people have trusted and chosen Retrospec Bikes for their transportation. Here are some major points that you can consider to know whether Retrospec bikes are worth buying or not.

Bicycle Transmission

Retrospec bikes are made of numerous components such as the chain, transmission, and the bike's plates; this composition is important since the function of the bicycle is decided by the quality of the components; for example, the transmission allows you to give the bike a more professional existence. Therefore, choosing a bike with outstanding transmission such as the Retrospec one can make you look more professional and bring better experience.

Bicycle Tires

The tires are quite important to consider. Try to choose the best quality possible to support the ground and pavement. In the case of Retrospec bicycles, the tires are extremely durable and resistant, and they do not spike easily.

Flip-Flop Hub

Many of the models in Retrospec Bike come with a Flip-Flop Hub. The Retrospec Bikes have a unique flip flop hub that allows you to ride either a freewheel or a fixie, depending on how the bike is supplied.

If you prefer to ride your bike like a fixie, simply turn the back wheel to the side with Fixed Gear. This fixie conversion is pretty simple. However, for your safety, we recommend that you keep your bike with a professional.

Quality Materials

Retrospec Company selects materials with care, bringing a durable bike to customers. Its frame is made of high-tensile steel and is handcrafted.

The front brakes on the Retrospec Bike are composed of alloy. As a result, the handlebar is light. Its steam, meanwhile, is constructed of Promax alloy. BMX-style platform pedals with BMX straps are also included with the fixed-gear bike.


Retrospec Bikes is committed to providing high-quality bicycles at reasonable prices so  you can rest assured that you'll get an affordable, and long-lasting, high-quality product.

It costs between $300 and $350, and you can sometimes get a Retrospec coupon code. Retrospec Bikes are priced differently in different cities. Because this company has a number of wholesalers, it depends on which location you are purchasing from.


For the past five years, Retrospec Company has been creating and marketing bicycles. Based on their experiences, they provide a one-year warranty on the fork and frame for material faults and workmanship from the purchase date. From the date of purchase, all original components and accessories are covered by a 60-day warranty.

The Retrospec Company claims that they manufacture all of the parts and components of the bikes, which are professionally developed and tested for safety before being released on the market. Replacing its parts with non-original components violates the warranty.

Bottom lines

In conclusion, that's all the benefits of Retrospec bikes we want you to know. Go shopping right now, find the appropriate bike and start your own outdoor adventure. Remember to grab the latest Retrospec bike discounts first before you attempt to purchase your favorite Retrospec bicycles since this can save you a lot of money on your purchase. But hurry up since those coupons will not last forever!