Sticker Robot Reviews: Does Silkscreen Printing Outweigh Digital Printing?

Among the 5 common methods of printing, silkscreen is a traditional method that yearns for high-quality outcomes. Using silkscreen printing to create super-premium stickers, Sticker Robot is worth every of your penny. Explore their method and stickers through our Sticker Robot review below.

Silkscreen printing vs Digital printing

A lot of manufacturers prefer digital printing thanks to its advantage like fast speed, variety in size, quality of printing, capability in printing on various materials. Digital printing is a modern method based on the mechanism of equipment and devices. When images are put in, the printers automatically choose colors, process, then print. Digital printing is usually applied to printing posters, flyers, banners, pictures, so on.

However, the cost of digital printing is usually high. It also requires certain knowledge when you print on uncommon material.

Meanwhile, the silkscreen printing method can offer a better cost in production. Moreover, the quality of printing is super good. If you know the principles of silkscreen printing, you will know the reason why.

This printing technique works on the principle of ink absorption, the ink is put into the frame - then brushed through a rubber net - under the pressure of the knife, the ink will penetrate the mesh and print on the object. Some people say that digital printing is better. But, see how Sticker Robert the truth behind silkscreen printing.

Sticker Robot Reviews

Continue reading to explore the detailed reviews of Sticker Robot:

Sticker Robot’s quality and durability

Compared to digital stickers, silkscreen stickers are more durable and simply long-lasting. The silkscreen printing method allows us to the highest caliber, highest quality stickers. The colors on the stickers made by the silkscreen method are more vibrant due to the fact that silkscreen ink is 7X -10X thicker than digital ink.

Each sticker has to be run through the press 7 times. There are also 3 clear coats being added to the stickers Gloss UV-Protective ink and 4 passes of color, which make Sticker Robot stickers are the best ones on the market.

Sticker Robot's material

For materials, silkscreen stickers are usually printed on white vinyl or clear vinyl. Sticker Robot offers 10 pt. board sticker backing, which is thick like a postcard. Currently, Sticker Robot is using thinner backing paper for slightly lighter-weight products. The thick back paper will come back in the near future.

Waterproof and weatherproof features

All stickers there are also waterproof and weatherproof stickers. You can stick them to your vehicles, boats, farms, sporting equipment, heating or air conditioning equipment, to anywhere you want people to see the stickers. The premium waterproof stickers are extremely durable. Sticker Robot has shaken hands with many famous brands to provide them with outdoor stickers like US Coast Guard, NASA, Sea Shepherds, The Peace Corps, Naish Water Sports, Google Cars, U.S. Armed Forces.

If you have a unique design and want to show it to the world, let Sticker Robot help you out. Sticker Robot understands that every symbol or picture has a meaning that you want to tell. No matter what you are doing, to advertise your business or just to show off your style, your personality, your hobbies through stickers, Sticker Robot tries its best to create the coolest stickers and pictures, which reflect exactly your design and the message you want to tell to the world.

The options are nearly endless. You will get stickers that come in the form of a larger artwork. Die-cut stickers, clear stickers, kiss cut sticker sheets, shaped stickers like round, square, rectangle, oval are popular products of Sticker Robot.

Save money with Sticker Robot coupon code

Sticker Robot allows you to choose size and quantity before checkout. The more you buy, the more you save. On average, the package of 250 stickers costs over $119. You can cut the price down by using a Sticker Robot coupon code.

Moreover, Sticker Robot offers free shipping for orders over $99. Before your final purchase, it also randomly sends you some samples so you can check the quality of its customized stickers.


Though silkscreen printing is a traditional method, with Sticker Robot, you can still have great stickers to boost your personal images. Sticker Robot is a reputable supplier in printing, offering reasonable prices. Therefore, you can completely rely on it to place orders. To save money, don’t forget to use the Sticker Robot coupon code to get amazing discounts.