Step One Foods Review 2022: The Meal That Lowers Cholesterol

Cardiologists always encourage people to change eating habits if they want a healthy heart and improve longevity. With this in mind, more and more people tend to find brands that provide foods for heart health including Step One Foods. People say “Don’t buy a product if you don’t understand thoroughly about it, especially products for health.” Therefore, this Step One Foods review is for you.

Is Step One Foods legitimate?

Yes, Step One Foods is legitimate. Step One Foods products are developed by Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, a Minneapolis-based cardiologist. The products have been shown to be successful in clinical research and tests. All processes are followed strictly to the same guidelines as a pharmaceutical trial. You can find some information about Step One Foods on Forbes, a trustworthy reputable journal for verification.

Step One Foods include the exact amounts of important nutrients that are proven to help decrease cholesterol and enhance cardiovascular health in every serving. So, what ingredients are used in its foods? we discuss this in the next part.

Step One Foods ingredients

Every ingredient in Step One Foods products is scientifically proven to have a certain cardiovascular benefit. If you like any Step One Foods ingredient below, you can find a matching product to enjoy each daily meal.


Eating blueberries improves insulin sensitivity in obese patients. When people gain weight, their tissue sensitivity to insulin decreases, resulting in higher and higher blood sugar levels, finally leading to diabetes.


Cranberries are abundant in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.  Therefore, cranberries are advantageous to the cardiovascular system.  


Nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and pecans, are ubiquitous in our diets. According to the Nurses' Health Study, swapping calories and fat from nuts for the same calories from carbs in an average diet is linked to a 30% reduction in the risk of heart disease.


Step One Foods' flax contributes to our high fiber and omega-3 content. A flax-rich diet improves blood vessel health and lowers diastolic blood pressure significantly, especially in persons with high cholesterol.


Chia is a favorite ingredient of many people. They add chia to foods and drinks. In ancient times, chia was used as an energy source. Nowadays, scantiest value chia for its high omega-3 and fiber content, which is good for heart health.

Plant sterols

Sterols play a role in preventing cholesterol from being absorbed through the intestine. Adding plant sterols to the diet is proven to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol by 10-15% in people with familial hypercholesterolemia.

Step One Foods pricing and discount codes

For breakfast, each box of 12 packages costs $23.85 or a bit more. Snack boxes are higher, at $31.95.

If you want to save money, you can buy the bundles to be offered at a better price. But if you use Step one foods discount codes, you can save more. CouponsDoom helps you to curate all possible Step One Foods coupons to save on every purchase. If you want to use these offers, I highly recommend buying from its official website or official stores on Amazon. In this way, you also avoid counterfeit low-quality products.

Step One Foods review

I rarely find a complaint among Step one foods reviews, even on other platforms like Amazon or Reddit. Most of the customers who persist in using Step One Food are amazed at the results after 4-12 weeks of use. On average, they lose 33-41 points of cholesterol after a clinical test.

Moreover, many customers lose weight while eating Step one foods as well. When you eat to lower cholesterol, you eat nutrient-dense, delicious foods. That means you have fewer food cravings and fewer calories overall. As a result, it's no surprise that many customers find weight loss after eating Step One Foods.

Breakfasts and snacks are reviewed to be delicious to enjoy every day. Three favorite things that customers love the most are the Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Dark chocolate bars, and the Blueberry Oatmeal.

Bottom lines

From the testimonials of previous customers, you would feel more confident in your choice at Step One Foods. Persistence with these foods and keeping a reasonable exercise regime will be the key to helping you achieve your health goals. If you are going to place an order, don’t forget to use a Step One Foods discount code to save money.