Step-by-step First Birthday Party Guides For Your Kid

It's a milestone when your baby turns one. If you are looking to celebrate this moment with your kid and your family, we've here to help you organize this special day with some amazing first birthday guides.

First birthday guests

Before considering anything else, spend time thinking about who you want to invite to your child's first birthday party. It's important because it will influence everything at the party. Knowing exactly the number of guests, you can prepare food, drinks, and even games or entertainment.

It's perfect if you limit the number of people you invite. Your baby may not be happy with the sheer number of strange faces. You should invite close friends and family only, so the baby is familiar with everyone in the room. Guests could include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a few baby friends.

In digital life, there are all sorts of ways to invite someone to your baby party.

  • Homemade invites: you can create your design invitation in Photoshop. 
  • Facebook invites: create a Facebook event and send a message reminding all guests. 
  • Invite online: websites like Moonpig and Zazzle allow you to make your invites quickly and easily. 

Background theme

A first birthday is such a special day. You'll no doubt want to commemorate this occasion by taking photos with family and friends. 

  • Decided a space in your house for the main setting, make sure baby is safe in there
  • Prepare a soft chair, cushions, or anything for your baby to play on 
  • Decorate your main setting with paper plates and other cute decorations to make your space bright 
  • Stick balloons, paper chains, baby photos, or any cartoon characters that your little love. 
  • Choose a costume theme and tell your guest comes with a dress code 

Foods and drinks

For a baby party, it's a great opportunity to impress guests with many sweet desserts. It's perfect when you prepare finger foods and soft foods. A good party is buffet-style so that guests can choose what they want to eat. In this way, you can ensure you're catering for both children and grown-ups. 

If you have time, make some fun-shaped cookies, biscuits, and sandwiches. Some kids won't have full teeth, so softer foods, such as banana, cucumber sticks that they can chew on are the best.


Birthday cake

The most important of the party, yes, the birthday cake. While your baby may get more on the floor than in their mouth, you should take time to choose your baby's first cake. You'll remember it for a long time. 

You can make a birthday cake yourself, or buy it at a bakery. The cake may be liked by guests more than your kid, but it still makes an impression on the 1st birthday party.


Birthday party time

Your kid has a special routine, so it's a good idea to plan their birthday at the feeding time. You understand your little one, choose the time that is suitable for them. 

You can celebrate the party at 10 a.m, which you can serve brunch for your guests while your baby will be wide awake and ready to enjoy the party. 

Also, set a party at 10 a.m,  it doesn’t interfere with one of your child’s snoozes. When your baby is well-rested, everything will run more smoothly. You'll have some free time to set up before the guests arrive.

Time to get ready!

Your baby gets overstimulated quickly and does anything they want. Limit your party shorter so your kid will be happy. Let's prepare the one-year-old party to celebrate he/she in most important milestone.