Starbucks Stores With The Most Interesting Architecture In The World

We are no stranger to Starbucks stores around the world. This is a famous coffee company with branches in almost all countries. In each country, Starbucks has creative combinations between its characteristics and the local culture. The following is a list of some Starbucks stores in the world with interesting and attractive architectural styles.

Starbucks dome in Seoul, Korea

This Starbucks store was built in Seoul's Famille Park to celebrate Starbucks' 15th anniversary in Korea.

The geometric glass dome structure of this store gives you the feeling of being lost in a coffee forest in the heart of the city with modern colors. This is the first "upmarket" Starbucks in Korea. Customers will feel like they are enjoying coffee in a 5-star hotel.

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Starbucks on a container truck in Seattle, USA

The official opening date of this Starbucks store is January 27, 2013.

Starbucks' operating motto is associated with environmentally friendly measures. So, it came up with an idea to turn the old containers here into a coffee shop with a drive-through service. At the bottom part of the store, there will be a window where customers can order their takeaway coffee.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, USA

The Starbucks Reserve store is a "premium" type of coffee shop. It began to be put into operation in December 2014, after more than 2 years of meticulous construction. The whole store is 15,600 square meters with a height of about 17-20 meters.

The store has 2 floors. The Upstairs serves Espresso, brewed coffee, and so on. In addition, there is a bar with all kinds of mixed vegetables, pizzas made by famous chef Tom Douglas. The Downstairs has a coffee factory, a bar, and a seating area suitable for meetings and private meetings with friends.

 Here, customers will be able to directly follow each step to make a delicious cup of Starbucks. The process begins when they are still coffee beans, then through roasting, grinding, and blending into a cup of the best Starbucks coffee. 

Starbucks Ketchum Town Center, USA

This store is located on Sun Valley Road. This is a Starbucks store converted from an old building by a team of local artisans. They were mobilized to build and recreate this old house into a beautiful cafe.

It can be said that this is a testament to the resourcefulness, imagination, and creativity of people in general and Starbucks in particular. The store takes wooden brown as the main color. This color is suitable for the cold weather in Sun Valley. Cushioned sofas and wooden building structures give customers a warm feeling when enjoying coffee at this Starbucks store.

Starbucks in Amsterdam, Netherlands

This Starbucks store is located in Rembrandt Square Amsterdam and is considered the largest Starbucks store in Europe at the time of 2012 with 4500 square meters.

This Starbucks has gone beyond traditional coffee shop concepts. It expands the space to enjoy coffee with an impressive furniture layout. The staff here have succeeded in creating a "free space inside a space", thereby creating flexibility in creating cultural accents.

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