Some Of The Most Special Things To Buy at Costco

When Costco members rave about a product, they mean it. Whether it's popular bakery goods, fresh food court selections, or pantry staples, some Costco products simply resonate with customers like no other. Check out our favorite warehouse store's collection of popular Costco items below – and if there are any you have still not experienced yet, you might want to get to Costco as soon as possible, because some of them are literally flying off the shelves! Here is a collection of the best things to buy at Costo:

Sabatasso’s Frozen Pizza

Everyone understands that frozen pizza can't compare to freshly prepared pizza, but Sabatasso's comes very close. Despite being gluten-free, it grabbed the top rank when we evaluated frozen pizzas for their gooey cheese, spicy sauce, and thin, crispy crust, which made them unrecognizable from the actual thing you'd buy at a pizzeria. Approach Costco’s Sabatassos Frozen Pizza deals to reduce your expense effectively!

Kirkland Signature Olive Oil

Not all olive oils are made equal, as any Italian can tell you. Many businesses try to cut corners on quality ingredients and fail to achieve the extra-virgin grade's requirements. Costco's Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, according to Samin Nosrat, the chef who stars in Netflix's Salt Fat Acid Heat, meets all of the criteria for high-quality olive oil and is her go-to for everyday use. Plus, the pricing for a 2-liter bottle is fantastic (just $16.99!).

Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie chickens are usually a quick and easy alternative for a family supper, but there are a few reasons why you should go to Costco rather than your local grocery shop to get one. For starters, Costco sells a 3-pound ready-to-eat rotisserie chicken for just $4.99, which is a deal that you won't find anywhere else. Furthermore, when it comes to bird health and welfare, Costco has a stringent policy. These features, together with the convenience (and, of course, the excellent, juicy flesh), are what makes this chicken so popular among Costco members. 

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Tires and Gasoline

Whereas the food at Costco may be what brings customers in, the low costs on gas and tires are a big reason why members keep returning. For starters, their petrol is on average 20 cents a gallon less than at competitor stations, even after factoring in the additional discounts you'll receive if you pay with a Costco credit card. On the other side, their tires are well-made and quite reasonable, with savings of up to $80 available at specific periods of the year. An extra plus is that the fee includes free maintenance, such as tire rotation.

Baked Goods

The baking department at Costco is a scary place. Their delectable croissants are as buttery and flaky as those you'd get at a Parisian cafe, and their massive blueberry muffins are simply too wonderful to pass up or put down after you've started eating one. Another one of Costco's unexpected hits is their sheet cake, which is large enough to feed an entire workplace or birthday party full of hungry kids, but also because they do an excellent job personalizing their cakes—flavors, fillings, frostings, and everything.


This list is full of special things that you shouldn't miss when shopping at Costco. Moreover, if you are looking to make shopping easier for your parents, sign up for Costco Membership For Seniors to enjoy huge discounts every time they visit Costo!