Simple Tips To Find The Best Hair Bands for Every Hair Type

Hair bands come in different colors and materials. However, sometimes the right type of hairband doesn't have anything to do with the color or how it works with your outfit. Choosing a hair tie based on function rather than fashion will drastically improve your hair game. Here's our guide to choosing the best hair bands for your particular hair type.

Thin Hair

When your thin hair is pushed back with a silk hairband, it will stay silky smooth. You should select elastic bands with a silk covering. This keeps your hair pulled back or up in your favorite posture while protecting it from breaks and bends.

When you remove the silk tie, you'll notice how easily it releases and pulls away from your head without pulling your hair behind it.

Thick Hair

If you have a thick mane of hair, you know how frustrating it is to use hair ties that get tangled and lost in your beautiful strands. On a windy day, good luck finding a hair band that keeps your hair in place while fighting the wind.

To keep your thick hair under control, ditch the usual hair tie. Look for spiral plastic hair ties that are developed specifically for thick hair. The spiral design makes it easy to put on and take off the tie without tangles in your hair. Furthermore, these thick hair bands are capable of holding heavy hair in place.

Straightened Hair

For relaxed or straightened hair, a scrunchie is recommended. It is one of the most common hair accessories every lady should have. A velvet scrunchie will keep your hair back and avoid knots in your straight hair.

These hair bands are best used after a blowout to keep your hair looking and feeling smooth, silky, and straight. Scrunchies are also great for holding your hair back while you sleep with a subtle touch. You'll wake up with fewer knots and no creases from the scrunchie holding your hair back all night.

Wavy Hair

Do you have thick, wavy hair that you can't seem to keep back? Fabric hair ties are the most effective for wavy hair. Scrunchie, your old pal, is a terrific technique to avoid tangling and tugging.

You can also use a hair bungee. While these hair bungees have the appearance of a typical bungee, they include a coating that helps prevent the tie from becoming tangled or stuck in your wavy hair. These hair ties contain a hook on either end to make it easy to wrap around and secure your entire head of hair.

Tight Curl Patterns or Natural Hair

Try a bungee-style hair tie for curly girls. You don't have to be concerned about your curls fitting into your ponytail. Bungee-style hair ties, such as this one, wrap around ponytails rather than using tension, as traditional hair ties do. This avoids headaches caused by too-tight ties and keeps delicate curls from becoming tangled.

You can also use an adjustable tension hair tie to keep the frizz at bay. These ties adjust to your hair's texture, how tight you want to pull it back, and the ultimate appearance you want. By adding or removing additional ties, you can make them longer or shorter to make them looser or tighter.

Short Hair

Pulling any of your hair back into a ponytail can be difficult with short hairstyles. When working out or on a windy day, you will deal with wisps blowing in the wind, or donning a hat. Polyband hair ties are ideal for grasping and keeping short hair in place. These bands are small and generally clear, so they fit in with your hairdo instead of standing out like a black elastic hair band.

The shortest or roughest braided styles will be held by poly band styles. Rather than bulkier versions suited for longer hair, the clear variants are tiny and integrate nicely into the hair. They're so little that you can stack them to hold even the most challenging updos.

Sum up

Choosing an appropriate hair band can help you keep your hair under control and on-trend no matter what your hair type is. Keep a couple of choices in hand and you'll never be caught off guard when you need a hair tie. Visit Teleties to find many beautiful hair ties that will transform your hair in more ways than one. Remember to use our Teleties discount code to get savings.