Secret Tips You Should Know About Concealer

Concealer is the best option to conceal anything from dark circles and hyperpigmentation to blemishes, but picking the proper one can be time-consuming. What method do you use to choose a concealer that matches your skin tone? Should you go for a lighter option? What if your concealer doesn't completely conceal your flaws? These are several useful tips about concealer that are suitable for you, as well as the way to use it once you have found your perfect concealing product.

Selecting Concealer Shade

The first tip is when it comes to picking the ideal concealer color, you can go for the one that matches your skin tone to hide any imperfections on your face, then pick one or two shades brighter on the area under your eyes. To discover a great match, try swiping various shades down your jawline and seeing which one looks the best.

You will need natural light for this, so step outdoors or head to a window and check the concealer’s color on your jawline with a hand-held mirror. Use one or two brighter shades than the one you have picked for the rest of your face to cover visibly dark under-eye circles or to emphasize other parts of your face.

Choosing A Coverage Level

Because stubborn blemishes and dark circles may require a huge amount of pigment, you are better off going with a full-coverage concealer, which has a lot of available corresponding concealer coupons. If you prefer a thinner foundation, combine it with a bit of serum or oil, or only use foundation on days when you have had enough rest and your skin looks clean.

Concealing The Dark Circles

A tip to conceal dark circles with concealer is that you should first try to correct the discoloration and then create a layer of concealer that properly matches your skin tone. This method requires using a peach-toned primer or a concealer that is a few shades brighter to reduce blackness, followed by a second layer that matches the foundation and the tone of your skin. Even if your under-eye circles aren't truly dark, an upside-down concealer circle beneath the eye might help to brighten up an exhausted face.

Covering Blemishes

A liquid liner or fine-tipped concealer brush should be added to your makeup kit if you are sensitive to acne or have minor problem spots on your face that need more coverage. You can softly apply the concealer onto the area that requires coverage, then use a concealer that matches your skin tone to smooth around that area with a fluffy brush, before finishing by patting a translucent powder.

Reducing Hyperpigmentation

Sun exposure or hormonal imbalances may result in dark patches or spots. You can use some color correctors with peach-shaded undertones to mask those dark areas, then hide with a concealer color that matches the tone of your skin.


These are some of the amazing tips that you may not know about when choosing and using concealer. With these tips and the accompanying concealer promo codes, you will find and know how to use concealer most effectively.