Pretty Litter Review: Can It Truly Detect Cat Urinary Tract Problems?

Pretty Litter helps you stay on top of your cat’s well-being thanks to its smart and non-toxic formula. When your furry friend takes a leak, this silica-based litter will turn a certain color to indicate if the urine falls out of the healthy range.

Who is Pretty Litter?

Cats are independent creatures so it isn't easy to determine their pain and illnesses. Pretty Litter was born to solve that issue. With a simple goal, Pretty Litter is a great "tool" to get your cat care before needing urgent medical attention. Therefore, you can save more money, reduce stress, and enhance your fur baby’s life. 

By using a smart formula, the revolutionary color system will alert about certain imbalances in their cat’s health and detect dangerous conditions like bladder stones, UTIs, kidney disease, and inflammation. 

Below are some reasons you should try Pretty Litter:

  • Detect your cat’s illnesses early
  • Less dust (A better choice for those who have asthma)
  • 80% lighter than a traditional litter
  • Convenient subscription
  • Recommended by veterinarians 
  • Powerful odor-blocking agents 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

Pretty Litter monitors your cat's health by using naturally occurring minerals like reds, greens, blues, and yellows. Some colors represent dangerous health conditions. Currently, there are 4 different colors indicating certain medical conditions including

  • Dark Yellow/Olive Green (Normal): Your cat is in tip-top shape.
  • Blue (Alkaline): Urinary tract infection or even bladder stones.
  • Orange/Yellow (Acidity): An indication of metabolic acidosis or kidney infection.
  • Red (Blood): Red blood cells in the urine show that your cat may have bladder inflammation, a UTI, or bladder stones.

Based on certain colors, you can take action before it causes bigger problems in the future. 

Can I Mix Pretty Litter with Regular Litter?

Pretty Litter is an almost snow-white color to stand out from the results of your cat’s urine test. While traditional cat litters are sandy gray or beige colors. If you mix them together, you won’t be able to clearly determine which shade of the Pretty Litter color chart is displaying. This mixed action also muddles with the result of Pretty Litter, meaning that it can't be able to do its features efficiently. Then you can't detect your cat’s illness. For these reasons, mixing Pretty Litter and different types isn’t ideal!

How Much Does Pretty Litter Cost?

You can order Pretty Litter exclusively from their official website to get a super convenient subscription. You also can save both money thanks to their promotions such as free shipping and Pretty Litter coupons. 

Depending on the number of your cats, you can tailor your plan to accommodate and Pretty Litter allows you to add many bags as needed. 

  • 1 cat: $22/month or $66/3 months
  • 2 cats: $40/month or $120/3months
  • 3 cats: $60/month or 180/3 months

Pretty Litter always wants to provide the best price for their customers, you can take advantage of some offers such as:

  • Free shipping for all US addresses.
  • Summer Special: Score 20% off plus a free toy.
  • Save 10% when purchasing more than one bag.
  • Get $5 off when purchasing a 3-month supply.
  • Spin the Wheel, Win a Prize.
  • Get 25% off your first month.

Conclusion: Is Pretty Litter Worth It?

Pretty Litter alerts pet owners when their cat carries an urgent medical condition. It enhances the value of the product so it's very worth it trying. The color-changing formula discerns results within a few seconds and is safe for your fur kitty. Additionally, its cost is more than a sack of kitty litter at any pet shop but you can get a urine test any time. If you want to get a lower cost, never forget to use a Pretty Litter coupon to save up to 50%.