PowerBlock Dumbbells Review 2022: A Solid Choice for Lifters

PowerBlock dumbbells are well-known in the gym world. They give lifters a killer workout, helping them effectively build their muscle and boost their health. In this article, we will give you ins-and-outs of this functional workout equipment. Check them out and use a Powerblock coupon to save on your purchase.

What are PowerBlock Dumbbells?

Dumbbells that come from PowerBlock are adjustable. Instead of buying many dumbbells with different weights, you just buy a pair that you can change as necessary. That allows you to adjust during workout to reach your health and fitness goals. With their weight-locking pin, the mechanism for changing the weight is easy to use.

3 Types of PowerBlock

PowerBlock dumbbells come in 3 models: Pro, Elite and Sport Series. They are different in price and training options, making it easy for you to choose the fit one practical for your work-out style.

Pro Series (From $509.00)

PowerBlock Pro Series provide you a range of  5–50 lb per hand. You can change the weight by adding or withdrawing 2.5 kg of chrome ballast weight at a time. Plus, they have a contoured grip with an open handle design, supporting you to get better freedom of movement.

What makes these types of dumbbells outstanding is their steel plates coated with urethane. That goes a long way in reducing the noise while lifting. Unlike many other adjustable dumbbells on the market, they are built to last and be less prone to damage.

There are 3 versions of PowerBlock Pro Series: Pro 32, Pro 50 and Pro EXP. Amongst them, the PRO 32 is the most inexpensive one, yet it isn’t suited with Powerblock's accessories, and the maximum weight is 32 pounds  (15.5 kg) per hand. While the Pro 50 and Pro EXP are practical used with accessories such as barbell and kettlebell attachment. If you want a heavy lifting, go for Pro EXP.

Elite Series (From $419.00)

PowerBlock Elite Series comes with 5–50 lb of weight. They are based upon the original PowerBlock design. With steel weight plates, closed handles with straight cylindrical grips, and padded wrist support, they are considered the handiest dumbbells on the market.

For a heavier lifting, you can purchase add-on kits. A Stage 2 kit will add 50–70 lb to the weight, while a Stage 3 kit will add 70–90 lb. The total weight of the magnetic selector pin is limited to 500 pounds. These USA Elite Series can replace 16 pairs of traditional dumbbells.

Sport Series (From $409.00)

PowerBlock Sport Series are the most budget-friendly adjustable dumbbells that PowerBlock provides. Like Pro, PowerBlock Sport series feature 3 versions: Sport 24, Sport 50 and Sport EXP. The Sport 24 and Sport 50 are non-expandable and have a maximum weight capacity of 24 and 50 pounds per hand, suitable for one who wishes to get in shape and keep active. While Sport EXP has a maximum weight of 70 or 90 pounds per hand, allowing you to get a heavier lift at any time.

Speaking of design, Sport series sport welded solid steel with a powder-coated finish. They have the same handles, side rails, auto-lock, and selector pin features as the Pro Series.

Are PowerBlock Bumbbells Worth It?

The answer is absolutely yes! PowerBlock dumbbells are a sheer game-changer for your muscle-building exercises.

The adjustment of dumbbells is just a breeze. It takes you only 2 to 5 seconds to change the dumbbell weight. Then you have time to do a lot of supersetting or some type of cross training. They also help you to save space thanks to their self-containing storage mechanism, where the dumbbell handle and weights "nest" within each other in a practical and compact manner. Moreover, their durability is incredible, allowing you to use them over the years without breaking or needing repair.

There are some people who find their cost a bit high, yet with what you will experience with these ultimate dumbbells, they’re worth the price they require. Besides, you can use a PowerBlock coupon code to put a huge dent in your payment. Apply it at the checkout to redeem for your savings.


PowerBlock is at the forefront of dumbbell brands. All you have to do is own one type of dumbbell that fits your workout, then you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to use PowerBlock coupon codes to save on your purchase.

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