Pair Eyewear Reviews 2022: Must Read This Before Buying

It comes as no surprise that there are many customizable eyewear shops available out there. Among the options, we notice Pair Eyewear is a good shop that offers very reasonable prices. Through the following Pair Eyewear reviews, let us tell you how impressive the store is. The review includes things you need to know before making a purchase.

Pair Eyewear reviews – Things you need to know

Before making a purchasing decision at Pair Eyewear, people have some common questions about its quality, customer services, and complaints. The below reviews will help you answer similar questions.

Overview of Pair Eyewear

At Pair Eyewear, the idea is that you may change up your appearance whenever you like without having to spend a lot of money on numerous pairs of prescription glasses. On the website, you probably begin with choosing a base frame, then the top frame, and a magnetic front piece.

Pair Eyewear has a variety of top frames in addition to your preferred base frame. Even sun tops, or top frames with thin, non-prescription sunglass lenses, are available for purchase.

Pair is striving to provide a fun adaptable eyewear experience and it is also revolutionizing how people wear glasses. People can alter their style on the go and feel good about their eyewear thanks to the lightweight, sturdy base frames and the assortment of magnetic top frames.

Pair’s customer services

Pair eyewear return

People are usually worried about how they can know if glasses match their face or not via online purchase. Understanding that, Pair completes the purchasing policies for customers, including the return policy. According to the store, if customers don’t like its glasses for any reason, they have 30 days to return them for free. So, no need to worry if the glasses don’t work.

Pair eyewear insurance

PairCARE is a warranty service that covers scratched lenses and shattered frames. Your glasses are covered by PairCARE for a year at $40 only.

Even though Pair Eyewear doesn't partner with any insurance company directly, you can still buy glasses with your vision benefits. Once you have the receipt from your completed order, you can also request a reimbursement from your insurance company.

With all that said, getting your glasses online at Pair does seem to be safe.

Pair eyewear delivery

When reading reviews about Pair, we found some customers are not happy with the long delivery time. They said the shipping time is longer than it is estimated on the website.

On every order, Pair Eyewear provides free shipping. Any returns made within 30 days of your order also come with free shipping. From the time you place your order until it is prepared for shipment to you, Pair estimates that it will take 5 to 7 days. It can take a few extra days to get your purchase ready for shipping if you ordered add-ons like blue-light-blocking or ultra-thin lenses.

Pair glasses’ prices

The base frames for both children and adults at Pair Eyewear start at $60. This cost includes their standard prescription lenses with an anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating.

Of course, you won't want to order their glasses without also purchasing one or more top frames. Price for top frames ranges from $25 per frame to $30 for one of their unique partnerships.

Pros and cons of purchasing at Pair Eyewear

Pair Eyewear allows people to customize a pair of glasses with a wide range of frame options. There are unique designs that you won’t find from any stores else. Starting as an eyewear store for kids, Pair is fantastic for kids who occasionally want to vary up their look or wear the insignia of their favorite superhero or sports team on glasses. The starting price for a pair of prescription glasses is affordable for basic models at $60.

Besides the positive things about Pair Eyewear, there are some cons that you need to consider before buying. If you're in a rush, Pair will not be the best option due to the delayed shipment pace and possible poor contact from the customer service team.

If you need to upgrade to blue-light-blocking and progressive lenses, the price will be higher when compared with the competition. A 1-year warranty also costs an extra fee.

There are not too many Pair Eyewear coupons to choose from. At this time, the biggest Pair Eyewear coupon is 10% off, keep an eye on CouponsDoom for the latest promotions from this merchant.

Overall, Pair Eyewear is possibly worth trying if you genuinely enjoy its concept. The principle behind the product is distinctive. It enables you to buy a range of top frame designs without having to store a massive stock of prescription eyeglasses. Finally, read more about easy tips for customizing sunglasses if you want a perfect pair of glasses.