Paint A Part Reviews: Enjoying Factory-Quality Custom-made Car Parts

Overtime, car paint becomes brittle and easier to crack, leaving them looking old and tarnished, not the shiny new vehicle you saw in showroom, especially on the hood and top of the car, where the weather has the most impact on. So, the only option is to have them replaced, but you might not want to go for the cheaper alternative, since that would end up costing you even more. Opt for Paint A Part, a great alternative.

Why Paint A Part Is a Great Choice for Your Car Parts

Paint A Part is a company that offers factory quality paint jobs for auto parts, matching the original specification of your car. Customers with dings and dents on their car won’t have to exchange them away anymore, now that you can get them sent, and restore how the vehicle used to look before the accident. Sending them to the shop is an option, but why pay extra when it’s not needed? It is Paint A Part's goal to keep your car up on the road and save you money and provide another option from traditional paint and body shops.


Choosing Paint A Part means you’re choosing quality for your car. Instead of just the traditional sloppy paint job, you’ll receive the highest-quality car parts and in-house paint system. Your vehicle will not only look as good as new, they’ll come out looking like when they first rolled off the factory line.


Traditional paint and body shops require a lot of payment, since they would need storage space, vehicle prep and other overhead issues, therefore this would inflate the overall cost. With Paint A Part, since you’ll be sending your parts over, it saves you money on the job and the cost for car rental.


If you happen to live in Houston, you can stop by to pick up your part, but if you live further away, getting them delivered to your door is always an option. All you have to do is make your order, and the rest can be taken care of.

Do it yourself- DIY

Replacing car parts is easier than you might think, a hood and bumper can be switched out all by yourself. The problem is, most stores would only sell the parts and you’ll have to send them somewhere to get a paint job done. That’s not how things work at Paint A Part, all you have to do is pick your desired model and color, and you can get a new hood or bumper right away.

How Paint A Part Process Your Order

Ordering a car part at Paint A Part has never been easier, all you have to do, is follow these 4 steps for to get your car looking just like new:

  • Step 1: Find the car part you’d like to replace, select the paint code to match and place the order.
  • Step 2: Paint A Part will prep and paint all the ordered parts, everything in factory quality.
  • Step 3: Once your order is complete, you’ll be notified by Paint A Part. Then, you can choose to either get them shipped to your door, or pick it up at their Houston warehouse location.
  • Step 4: When everything is ready and you’ve received the product, simply install them to your vehicle and you’ll be good as new.

How To Save When Buying At Paint A Part

Besides providing you with a thorough Paint A Part review about their service and their important information. Using discount for the Paint A Part products on our website will cut down the original price, helping you save a lot more on your path of renovating your car!


Paint A Part has had over 40 years of experience with painting and selling car parts and are sure to guarantee you the best quality every purchase. With the skilled technique and DIY ideal, your vehicle will be repaired in no time, looking shiny and new just like they once were. Your car will be in good hands.