Outstanding Slippers for Women In 2022

Since the outbreak, slippers have evolved from purely inside shoes to nearly any shoe that can be quickly slipped on your feet. Whether or not you plan to continue working from home, a pair of slippers is handy to keep on hand for around the house or fast trips to the bodega. We talked to fashionable experts including designers, and stylists, and combed through to uncover the greatest slippers for almost every occasion.

UGG Coquette

UGG, an Australian brand, has long been a Strat favorite and continues to be at the top of fashionable people's lists of warm footwear. This pair is simple to slide on and has additional fluff, according to Naomi Elizée, a market editor at Vogue and host of the podcast So... What Do You Do Again? "It feels like a hug for my feet every time I put them on," she adds. When we asked ladies about their favorite loungewear, writer and model Imani Randolph said she'd been living in hers and remarked on how comfortable they are. While stylist Mecca James-Williams enjoys wearing shoes around the house, she values the sturdy sole for their foot support.

Parachute Soft Rib Slippers

Parachute's cotton terry slippers are recommended by Strategist writer Ambar Pardilla if you're seeking a pleasant and supportive pair under $50. "I despise, despise, despise flat slippers because they provide very little support. "While these appear like the kind you'd get for free at a spa, they offer the one feature I'm always looking for: a cushioned footbed," she adds. "I don't have achy feet even when I'm just standing about doing simple chores around the home." Because Pardilla wears them with socks in the winter and without in the summer, the open-toe style may be worn all year. She also mentions that she can "really slide them on without a trouble" as someone with bigger feet.

Ikea Tasjon Slippers

Maricia Josephs, the founding editor of Dream in HD and an associate public relations manager at UGG, recommended these Ikea slippers for a super-affordable pair of home slippers. They're "affordable, convenient, and wonderful for travel," she says. They're only a few dollars, so they're easy to stock up on as a backup pair or as guest slippers. They have cushioned EVA foam soles, a polyester outer layer, and a gripping sole for enhanced stability and are available in two sizes.

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Nomasei Hotel De La Plage Slides

Indie McFarlane favors Nomasei, an Italian company formed by two former Chloé designers, for their devotion to comfort, design, and sustainability. These cheerful yellow slides with fleece-lined straps and a "special foam cushion integrated into the footpad for added comfort" are the Indy Sunglasses designer's go-tos. She also likes that the shoes are made partly of bioplastic derived from maize, beet, and sugarcane waste. She describes them as "probably one of the most eco-friendly premium slippers on the market right now."

Lamo Naomi

The price of these sheepskin slippers is a quarter of that of UGGs. Jenna Milliner-Waddell, the associate editor at Strategist, says they're "cozy and toasty without making your feet sweat" since they're open-toe. They're toasty all year, and Milliner-Waddell combines them with Mother denim socks for added warmth. Despite extensive use, she has a light cream color, and they haven't yet become discolored.


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