New York Economy Candy - The Sweet Paradise Since 1937

The Economy Candy shop on Rivington Street is considered the oldest candy shop in New York City. Dating to 1937, it sells a vast array of sweets, from licorice to chocolate, the cheapest at only $0,75 to high-ends. And, use Economy Candy coupons if you want to relive your childhood with familiar candies for a lower price.

A tiny and vintage sweet shop

Anybody who has ever gone downtown is familiar with the Economy Candy front. Above an old-fashioned stripy awning, the store has a large sign with bold and vintage scripts. This vintage sign used to be popular in New York in the 1930s, and now it is the unique feature of the shop.

Since the 1937s, the Economy Candy shop has been a tiny sweet shop. The space is around 1000 square feet. The aisles are narrow. So there is not much space to move around during peak times. You should be cautious since you could bump into other shoppers. The feeling of discovering among the overflowing candy aisles makes everyone excited like a kid.

Besides, it is located on a crowded street in New York. For years, it has been a favorite destination for the sweet-tooth or aspiring couples on their first meeting. They could accidentally meet others, eat some sweets and talk about sweet love together. The store has been a favorite destination for kids and some adults.

A museum of sweet childhood dreams

It is no doubt to say that the Economy Candy shop is the best place to find childhood memory morsels in the city. The shop has a wide range of candies in the 1950s. For a taste of the real old New York, there is nothing like noshing on a chocolate-coated dried apricot. Besides, you could find packs of baseball cards in the 80s and 90s with the stuck gum inside. Do you remember the taste of this gum with lots of memories of playing cards? But check the expired date carefully before putting them in your mouth!

You could see old candies in the aisles like Chick-O Sticks, barrels of hard candy, and candy bars that do not find anywhere else. For instance, Melanie said  “I love it here! I don't know how the prices compare to most places but there is always candy I will never find elsewhere such as Tony's Chocolonely. I always come here to stock up on it.” 

A shop converging modern candies

In 1937, the Economy Candy Shop debuted in the aftermath of the Great Depression. And it has been going strong ever since updating modern sweets. Until now, the Economy has more than 2000 kinds of sweets. Do you want some peanut chews, wax lips, and super-sized lollipops? Economy Candy has. Are you looking for some Hershey's or M&M's? Yes, the store has various five-pound bags of M&M.

The pride and joy of the shop may be the chocolate-covered everything. And the chocolate is made by a Pennsylvania company. Customers could have an extensive selection of dried fruits, nuts, or halvah. People with modern tastes may enjoy graham crackers or marshmallow squares enrobed in chocolate. This is the signature of the Economy Candy shop that no sweet shop could have.

People always call the Economy Candy - A fantasy candy lover dream or A paradise for candy addicts. It is the same as Jenifer C’s review “Coming here is initially overwhelming, shelves and shelves of candy from all around the world to delight you. I felt like I had stepped into a Wonka world! They have an amazing selection of Haribo gummies, Japanese Hi-Chews and Kit Kats, and Ritter chocolate flavors I hadn't seen anywhere else! In addition, they have a great selection of exotic chocolate bars, and all the candy is reasonably priced.


If you have a sweet tooth or just want to get nostalgic, you should have a trip to the Economy Candy shop. All old or modern candies are under $20, and you could have a better deal after applying Economy Candy coupons. A great selection of past and present sweets under a roof are waiting for you!