Magic Spoon Cereal Review - Is It Actually Healthy?

Magic Spoon cereal is well-known as a sweet treat with bright childlike colors for adults. It is also deemed as an ideal food for a healthy diet today. Be that as it may, it could work for someone, and not for some others. As more people follow a healthy diet, we understand it could be hard selecting suitable foods.

Therefore, we’ve made an in-depth review of this well-known product. You can rely on it to decide if it’s a game-changer for your daily diet. Besides, you can find a Magic Spoon coupon code in this blog to save on your purchase.

Is Magic Spoon Cereal Keto-Friendly?

Keto diet goes viral these days regardless different perspectives. But if you are one who follows Keto, you can consider adding Magic Spoon cereal to your daily diet. It contains only 4 grams of net carbs per 1-cup serving.

Typically, each serving of Magic Spoon contains:

- 140-170 calories

- 13-14 grams of protein

- 10-15 grams of total carbs

- 7-9 grams of fat

- 1-2 grams of fiber

- 0 grams of sugar

So you may find its carbs too high for a keto meal. Yet most of them come from Allulose –a sweetener included as a carb on the Nutrition Facts label yet has 0 calories and is undigested in medical studies. So it’s regarded as a “natural sweetener blend”.

Besides, it is free of GMO. So it’s a practical way to get your protein in the morning. You can consider it as a crunchier (and more delicious) protein shake alternative.

Is Magic Spoon Actually Healthy?

Magic Spoon cereal contains many ingredients, and all of them are relatively healthy, making it a much better alternative to regular breakfast cereal. Break down its key ingredients to learn how healthy it is.

Milk Protein Blend

Milk protein is a combination of casein and whey protein. These are dairy proteins that contribute to the high protein content of this cereal.

Sweetener Blend

Its sweetener blend is fruit extract and allulose. They are more healthier than regular processed table sugar as they have been linked to a considerably better effect on blood sugar levels in medical research.

Tapioca Starch

Tapioca starch is a gluten-free flour originating from the cassava plant. It’s also a high-carb component included in many gluten-free recipes. Fortunately, it's in such a little amount, then has no effect on the net carb count in this cereal.

Peanut Flour, Peanut Extract And Cocoa Powder.

Magic Spoon adds flavor and texture with these 3 ingredients. They’re high in nutrients.

Vegetable Juice, Turmeric Extract And Spirulina Extract

As vegetable juice is a big no-no on keto diets, they just add a little bit of it to make rainbow colors. Besides, turmeric extract is used as orange color, and spirulina is for green. All of them are much  healthier than the artificial food dye used in most cereals.

How Does It Taste?

With Magic Spoon, you will find the childhood taste in an adult healthy food. It's sweet enough for a morning meal without being too sweet, and the natural flavors closely resemble sugary breakfast cereals such as Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Cocoa Pops. Amongst its flavors, the cocoa powder is the most impressive one as it tastes like Cocoa Pops.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get one case of 4 Magic Spoon cereal boxes for only $39.00. If you subscribe for its service, you will save 25% off on your total payment.

Besides, you can use a Magic Spoon coupon code to put a huge dent in your purchase, up to 60% off. Apply it at the box on the checkout to redeem for a discount.


Magic Spoon cereal is a wholesome food for a healthy and keto diet. Add it to your daily meal to stay healthy and enjoy its childhood taste. And don’t forget to use Magic coupons to get it at a fraction of the cost.