Loungewear Clothing In Men’s Fashion

Relaxation has never been more trendy in men’s fashion. After a series of lockdowns, men's design has ramped up its loungewear game to meet the need for more casual attire. The idea is to have clothes that are stylish and comfortable enough to wear hanging out with friends or going on a date, while also versatile enough to prevent you from having to change into "normal" clothing for a quick errand. Loungewear blew up during the pandemic and will not go anywhere soon so if you want to hop on the trend, take a peek at our suggestion to pull off the style effortlessly.

Tips and Tricks

Loungewear may seem like a no-brainer, thanks to its simple aesthetic. However, it wouldn't have become a fashion trend if people didn’t put any effort into creating their outfits. With that said, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you look good with loungewear clothing.

Use Neutral Shades

When purchasing loungewear, you need it to match the rest of your wardrobe. Choose neutral hues like blue, gray, white, or black. While tie-dye and vivid colors are in right now, we're all about making wise investments that you'll want to wear in a few years, so choose your color carefully.

Get The Right Fit

While it may be tempting to seek for the largest, baggiest pieces available, slim fit prevents an enormous (and quickly scruffy) appearance. Start with tapered joggers, slim-fit sweatshirts, and T-shirts that you wouldn't mind wearing outside the home.

Choose Fabric Wisely

Aside from the fit, the fabric of clothing also comes into play as the most important factor in determining comfort and style. Choose fabrics that will feel wonderful against your skin, such as organic cotton, cashmere, jersey, and elastane for added stretch. However, the more premium the material is, the higher the price. Designers like Jerry Lorenzo are famous for their basic clothing line, consider using Fear of God promo codes if you want to begin your wardrobe with some basic items.

Essential Items

Like we mentioned above, this style corporate a lot of simple and basic garments. Here are some of the items you should pay attention to:

Sweater and Jogger Pants

This is a "holy-grail" clothing that is warm, comfy, and can be worn outside to run errands or as a casual yet stylish airport attire. Wear it with cream or black shoes, or a trendy sneaker and a bomber jacket to complete the look. If you're feeling to spice up your regular attire, swap out sweaters with hoodies.

Drawstring Pants

With the same aesthetic as the sweater and jogger pair, these are fantastic. It's up to you whether you wear a long or short sleeved shirt. The key difference is that they will be made of a thinner material and will be less warm than the other combination. So, if you're a warmer runner or like a warmer weather outfit, this is the one for you.


While t-shirts come in different variations, the rules that apply to t-shirts in loungewear are simple: Plain and Well-fitted. Wear the comfy, well-fitting t-shirts instead of grabbing for one of your torn, odd printed t-shirts from ten years ago. If you pair your t-shirts to either joggers or drawstring trousers, you'll seem even more put-together. Consider trousers coupons when purchasing them to save some expense on your order.


Basketball shorts look really cool with the street style look and inspiration. However, in loungewear territory, it is the last thing you should want to wear if you want a t-shirt and shorts appearance. They look horrible and messy, giving off a clash-styles kind of look. Alternatively, grab some simple and parternless shorts and make sure they're fitted properly. Depending on your liking, they should hit around 1-4 inches above the knee.


Thanks to the pandemic, loungewear style has become a stable trend in the fashion trend. Although trends do come and go, this purposefully lazy style consists of many basic items that can be used everyday. This article aims to provide you with some knowledge to hop on this fashion movement effectively.