Lily And River Review 2022: Is It Worth Buying Their Toys?

Lily and River toys are open-ended toys with so many possibilities for supporting your baby’s development and growing needs. This Lily and River review discuss the question if it actually works. 

Overview of Lily & River toys

Every toy of Lily & River encourages climbing, growth, and exploration. Your little one will love its toys because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Parents love Lily & River toys because they have many benefits.

Lily & River receives many nice comments and feedback from parents. It was recommended on Forbes and some reliable review sites. On, Lily and River scores a 4.9/5 five-star rating. All the toys are built to last. Its toys are made entirely of real, substantial wood. So, they are so smooth to touch. Even if you prefer premium bamboo or walnut limited bamboo, you can upgrade for a fee.

Your littles can use them for years. Most toys are foldable. Unlike many active indoor toys, Lily & River is very easy to store. You can bring them along with you when your family goes on a trip.

People are only concerned about Lily & River’s prices. The price seems to be a little bit high for some families. Besides, the toys could be small for some older toddlers.

Benefits of using Lily & River toys

Burning off energy

If you want something to occupy your toddler's energy during the dead of winter, Lily & River is your go-to toy store. If your baby likes climbing on everything, Lily & River can create a safe and simple playroom for your little ones. The toys will be so helpful on bad weather days.

Developing crucial Skills

Climbing also improves vital mental and physical abilities, making it a simply wonderful exercise. Your small ones are strengthening the link between their brain and their emotions as they climb up, over, and back down. Balance and body awareness are being developed. Using its natural toys helps the baby’s brain development, muscular growth, and gross motor skill development. It also encourages your kids to explore their surroundings.

Inspiring creativity

The Lily and River not only promotes physical growth but also mental development by stimulating imagination and creativity. The toys can be used in countless ways.

Recommended toys from Lily & River reviews

Lily and River climber

The Little Climber is made for crawling babies all the way up to age 5 (or to 60 lbs). It includes reversible, movable attachments so you can alter the level of challenge or the sort of play. With the Little Climber, playtime is also educational time. It not only gives your child a wonderful workout, but also fosters the development of their motor skills, balance, and body awareness. It fosters imagination and increases bravery and self-assurance. Price: $284.95

Lily and River Rocker

The Little Rocker is a smart home play structure made to improve your kids' motor skill growth, balance awareness, and so much more! Little Rocker is designed for kids aged 18 months and older. Your kids can climb, rock, rest, hide, and play. From forts and obstacle courses to lemonade stands, your kids are encouraged to get creative and find new ways when playing with Little Rocker. Price: $389.95

Lily and River Little Dome

Your children will enjoy hiding within the Little Dome, climbing it like a mountain, and monkey-baring their way across the indoor playground. And in the comfort of your own house, you will enjoy seeing them expend all of their excess energy. The toy is handcrafted with premium materials and recommended for ages 2-6 years. Price: $449

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You will love watching your kids burn off all that extra energy in the safety of your own home. Lily & River can bring hours of fun. The products are proven non-toxic and safe for your kids. All are really worth your money. Though prices are a bit high, you can use a Lily and River discount code from CouponsDoom to reduce the bill.